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Apple Inc – Apple Incorporation is an international company that produces, sells and promotes computer software, consumer electronics, and online computer services, it is also referred to as Apple Computers.

Established on: 1 April 1976

Founded by: Ron Wayne, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak.

CEO: Tim Cook

Nerve Center: Cupertino, California, United States.

Categories: Merchandising, Consumer Electronics.

Operating Status: Active

Funding Status: Initial Public Offering (IPO)

Recent Funding Type: Post-IPO Debt

Staff: 123,000+

Corporation Type: For-Profit


Apple was incorporated as Apple Computer, Inc. in the month of January 1977. Later Jobs and Wozniak hired Computer Designers. In 1980 Apple came into public to get immediate success.

Apple Software Services:

These are operating systems designed by Apple Incorporation for its hardware devices. Many of the organizations and people are using this software on laptops, Mobiles, and tablets all over the world.

                 1. macOS and ios Operating System

                 2. iTunes Media Player

                 3. Safari Web Browser

                 4. i Life and i Work productivity and creativity suits

Apple Hardware Services: Apple Hardware Test contains a suite of characteristics that test hardware of the Mac Computers. AHT helps to determine the hardware component issues.

                  1. iPhone mobiles

                  2. iPad table

                  3. iPod Portable Players

                  4. Apple Watches

                  5. MAC Computers

                  6. Apple TV Digital Media Player

                  7. Home Pod Speakers.

Apple sells its products through a retailer and online stores. By considering the revenue Apple is the world’s largest technological company, it maintains 499 retail stores all over the world. The Annual revenue of Apple is $229 billion for the 2017 year.






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