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Domino’s Pizza is an American restaurant. It produces chicken wings, pasta, pizza, dessert, submarine sandwiches and more.

Established Date: 10 June 1960

Nerve Center: Domino’s farms office park, Ann arbor, Michigan, United States

Founded by: Tom Monaghan & James Monaghan

CEO: J. Patrick Doyle

Categories: Restaurant services, pizza and pasta

Employee Size: 260,000+

Tom Monaghan and his brother, James purchased the Dominick’s with 1400$ in 1960. By doing their jobs and maintains the timings for grown up their new business and James worked half of the day for pizza delivery. later they expanded business to three locations in the same country. Monaghan wanted to increase their stores, one day a employee returned their pizza and suggested a name as Dominos. Monaghan loved it and changed their name officially in 1965 as Domino’s Pizza, Inc.

In the starting the Company having three dots in their logo, it means 3 dots representing the 3 Stores. Later he planned to add new dot for every store. In 1978, the company expanded 200 stores. Domino’s Pizza changed their name to Domino’s to offers variety of non pizza items like- chicken wings, lasagna, pasta, apple pies and also they introduced the new logo. Later they started Domino’s online services, they offers different services. By ordering pizza through Dominos site we can pick up or Dominos home delivery in India, they offers best offers in Online.


Domino’s opened first international store in canada on May 1983 and opened with 1000 stores. To serve they main a Domino’s Menu to offers the different food items. Im 1985 the dominos started their international stores in United Kingdom and Japan. They started Domino’s India with 1000 stores in 2016, they had 6000 international locations and they planning to Italy (Pizza’s Birth Place).

You can find the nearest Dominos store and make an order through registration in domino’s site and also you dominos track order service available in online and also by using dominos toll free number we can track the Pizza png booking.

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In India, Domino’s having so many stores. Mostly customers are from dominos kolkata,  dominos bangalore and dominos pune. The Pizza can made by stretching the dough, put it on toppings and take the oven add the stick pies in that and it Contain ingredients like Malted Barley, yeast, soybean oil, NaHco3, Corn Starch, Water. By using these ingredients we can made pizza.

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