Secunderabad Junction Railway Station


Secunderabad Junction:

Secunderabad Railway Station is a Great commuter hub and intercity rail station in Hyderabad. The station is working under Indian Railways as a South Central Railway Zone. Nizam built the station in 1874 year. In the time of British era, Secunderabad railway station is a famous for Nizam’s Railway.

Secunderabad station is connected to all over India Railway stations. The trains starting from here and transporting passengers almost 1,60,000 people in the 299 trains.The main train line of SCR is from Secbad train to Vijayawada to Wadi train lines. To get the Train Live status from Secunderabad to any place visit here.

The Railway Lines from the Secunderabad station to other places as follows:

  • Secunderabad to Nagpur Trains
  • Wadi to Secunderbad to Kazipet to Vijayawada Junction
  • Secunderabad to Guntur Trains
  • Secunderabad to Manmad Trains
  • Secunderabad to Dhone Trains

In SCR, the management services are much good with ticket booking services, luggage services, parcels and more. By travelling through Hyderabad MMTS train, you can travel almost all places in the twin cities. To communicate with other train stations, Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) arranged the bus facilities for easy travel.

Secunderabad Railway station:

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Secunderabad Junction in the main railway zone from South India. From here, you can travel to all over the India. Recently, they launched the free internet services in the station premises. By using this Wi-Fi services you can track the train enquiry details, check present train information and also book the tickets through online by using IRCTC website.

Awards and Achievements to Secunderabad Railway Junction:

  • The station got distinction certification as Green Railway Station announced by Indian Green Bulding Council Confederation of Industry (IGBC-CII).
  • South Central Railway said about the Secunderabad Railways got Silver rating in category and the certificate is valid for 3 years.
  • Tai Lee Siang, The Chairman & CEO of World Green Building Council has presented the awards and shield to station official mebers.
  • Secunderabad station is in 13 area of acres with 400+ trees. The whole station is covered with 500 kwp solar plants, it generates 2500 units of power.

List of Trains in India from Secunderabad:

Train NameArrival TimeDeparture TimeTrain NameArrival TimeDeparture TimeTrain NameArrival TimeDeparture Time 
Narayanadri Express (12733)6:25EndsSatavahana Express (12714)Starts16:15Tpty Sc Express (12731)7:05Ends
Palnadu Express (12747)10:3510:45Rajdhani Express (12437)Starts12:45Snsi Vskp Express (18504)9:259:35
Charminar Express (12759)7:157:20Shc Garib Rath (02204)0:0023:00Cct Bvc Express (17204)14:3515:00
Link Secbad Express (57140)4:45EndsRal Sc Fastpass (57619)7:55EndsGhy Sc Express (12514)4:20Ends
Nzb Vskp Special (08566)21:1021:30Duronto Ac Express (12220)Starts23:05Ltt Coa Express (17222)1:502:00
Vskp Nzb Special (08565)9:009:20Hyb Pbn Passenger (57563)23:0523:10Gorakhpur Express (12590)Starts7:20
Vskp Hyb Special (08563)8:158:25Ned Hyb Passenger (57564)7:107:15Dakshin Express (12722)4:054:10
Hyb Vskp Special (08564)23:2023:30Vskp Sc Special (08501)11:45EndsBkn Sc Express (17038)8:50Ends
Sc Nlr Special (07121)Starts15:05Bkn Ned Special (07038)9:550:00Hyb Aii Express (17020)15:4015:45
Sc Pbr Special (09222)Starts14:50Sc Vskp Special (08502)Starts16:30Sabari Express (17230)11:5011:55
Narayanadri Express (12734)Starts18:05Vskp Sc Special (08503)7:50EndsRjt Sc Express (17017)10:30Ends
Charminar Express (12760)18:5018:55Sc Ubl Special (07320)Starts16:00Aii Hyb Express (17019)7:307:35
Bbs Pune Express (12582)17:4017:50Tpty Awb Special (07406)8:258:50Sc Ghy Special (07249)Starts7:30
Hyb Bpa Express (17011)5:355:40Awb Tpty Special (07405)1:251:45East Coast Express (18645)18:0018:05
Bpa Hyb Express (17012)15:2015:25Cocanada Express (12776)Starts20:45Aii Hyb Superfast Express (12719)0:050:10
Sc Dbg Special (07007)Starts11:40Mtm Sc Express (17249)5:05EndsCct Sc Superfast Special (07102)4:30Ends
Hyb Bpa Special (07011)11:5011:55Mugr Sc Express (17025)4:45EndsGkp Sc Express (12589)15:10Ends
Hyb Aii Special (07020)12:0512:10Bhagyanagar Express (17233)Starts15:25Ap Sampark Kranti (12708)9:159:30
Pune Bbs Express (12581)21:3021:40Janmabhoomi Express (12805)18:45EndsG Sc Superfast Special (08891)18:15Ends
Vskp Ltt Express (12749)21:0021:10Pune Shatabdi (12026)Starts14:45Sc G Superfast Special (08892)Starts6:15
Ltt Vskp Superfast Express (12750)2:002:10Devagiri Express (17058)Starts12:25Bvc Kakinada Express (17203)10:3010:40
Tpty Sc Express (02731)7:05EndsSc Snsi Express (17002)Starts16:40Gkp Ypr Express (15015)15:1015:20
Vskp Sc Special (08511)8:15EndsPbr Sc Express (19202)10:30EndsSc Cct Superfast Special (07202)Starts23:30
Tpty Sc Express (02769)4:05EndsSc Jp Express (19714)Starts21:20Src Premium Special (02774)Starts7:30
Sc Tpty Express (02770)Starts12:00Andhra Pradesh Express (12723)6:456:50Src Sc Premium (02773)21:40Ends
Snsi Vskp Special (02802)9:259:35Hyderabad Express (12603)5:155:20Vskp Sc Special (08505)11:30Ends
Sc Ltt Special (02220)Starts22:00Cct Snsi Express (17206)16:2516:40Sc Vskp Special (08506)Starts19:45
Sc Nlr Special (07117)Starts11:00Sc Dbg Express (17007)Starts22:00Ajanta Express (17063)8:55Ends
Nlr Sc Special (07118)8:15EndsSeven Hills Express (12770)Starts17:40Sc Vskp Superfast Special (02742)Starts23:30
Hyb Qln Special (07107)16:2016:30Sc Shm Ac Express (12774)Starts5:30Bza Sc Special (07209)21:40Ends
Ru Gkp Special (07490)23:0023:25Bhagyanagar Express (17234)10:45EndsSc Bza Special (07210)Starts23:40
Vskp Ned Special (08509)9:009:20Machiliptnm Express (17250)Starts22:30Gorakhpur Express (12592)6:557:20
Sc Ngp Superfast Express (12771)Starts22:00Snsi Cct Express (17205)9:259:35Ypr Gorakpur Express (15016)23:1523:35
Ald Hyb Special (07092)22:1522:20Bza Snsi Express (17208)16:2516:40Janmabhoomi Express (12806)Starts7:10
Hyb Vskp Special (07028)22:2522:35Shatabdi Express (12025)14:20EndsSvdk Ypr Premiu (02680)19:2519:35
Chennai Express (12604)17:1517:20Shm Sc Wkly Express (22849)15:00EndsFalaknuma Express (12704)Starts16:00
Tungabhadra Express (17608)19:55EndsBanglore Rajdhn (22694)18:3518:50Andhra Pradesh Sampark Kranti (12707)17:3517:55
Tungabhadra Express (17607)Starts7:30Shm Sc Ac Express (12773)19:00EndsSimhapuri Express (12709)8:35Ends
Aii Hyb Special (07126)13:0013:10Ngp Sc Superfast Express (12772)8:25EndsSimhapuri Express (12710)Starts22:55
Hyb Jp Special (07125)20:3020:35Falaknuma Express (12703)9:35EndsGodavari Express (12728)17:3517:40
Nsl Sc Special (07120)23:30EndsRajdhani Express (22691)7:357:50Visakha Express (17016)Starts17:00
Pune Bbs Express (22881)21:3021:40Sc Mugr Express (17026)Starts23:45East Coast Express (18646)10:2010:25
Cocanada Express (12775)6:55EndsSc Shm Wkly Express (22850)Starts5:30Nagawali Express (18310)21:1021:30
Seven Hills Express (12769)4:05EndsDbg Sc Express (17008)22:10EndsNed Vskp Express (18510)21:1021:30
Tungabhadra Express (17024)19:55EndsRajdhani Express (22693)7:357:50Sc Pbr Express (19201)Starts15:00
Awb Qln Special (07505)6:006:05Banglore Rajdhani (22692)18:3518:50Goutami Express (12737)6:35Ends
Kzj Ned Express (07151)23:1023:30Nagavali Express (18309)9:009:20Narasapur Express (17256)22:0522:10
Vskp Snsi Superfast Express (22801)21:3022:00Nzm Sc Rajdhani (12438)14:00EndsPalnadu Express (12748)15:0515:15
Hyb Cct Special (07001)23:1023:15Jp Sc Express (19713)7:30EndsPnbe Sc Premium (02792)5:00Ends
Vskp Sc Special (07147)8:15EndsSc Ubl Express (17320)Starts16:00Sc Adi Premium (07018)Starts7:30
Cct Sc Superfast Special (07201)4:15EndsCoa Ltt Express (17221)20:2020:25Andhra Pradesh Express (12724)19:1519:20
Hyb Qln Special (07166)14:2014:30Nsl Ns Express (17232)23:0023:20Gkp Ypr Express (12591)15:1015:20
Sc Bza Special (07203)Starts23:15Bbs Pune Express (22882)17:4017:50Pnbe Sc Express (12792)21:30Ends
Bza Sc Special (07204)5:20EndsHyb Rxl Express (17005)21:5022:00Dbg Hyb Express (17006)22:4022:50
Hyb Shm Special (07128)22:1522:20Konark Express (11020)11:3511:45Svdk Premium Express (02679)4:004:10
Kcg Tpty Special (07145)23:3523:40Vskp Ned Express (18509)9:009:20Hyb Qln Special (07109)16:3016:40
Tpty Kcg Special (07146)3:403:45Vskp Garib Rath (12740)Starts20:15Ns Nsl Express (17231)21:3022:00
Ns Hydrabad Express (17255)4:555:00Sc Ghy Express (12513)Starts7:30Sc Cct Superfast Special (02738)Starts22:15
Vskp Sc Ac Special (02727)7:50EndsGnt Sc Express (12705)21:50EndsKacheguda Express (07116)4:304:40
Cct Sc Superfast Special (02737)9:15EndsSc Gnt Express (12706)Starts7:40Secundrabad Express (17319)11:45Ends
Bza Sc Special (07207)5:40EndsSatavahana Express (12713)11:45EndsYpr Garib Rath (12735)Starts19:50
Tungabhadra Express (17023)Starts7:30Satavahana Express (12714)Starts16:15Sc Mtm Special (07050)Starts10:30
Sc Cct Superfast Special (02776)Starts23:15Godavari Express (12727)5:455:50Nizamuddin Express (12721)22:5523:00
Hyb Jat Special (07021)10:5511:00Goutami Express (12738)Starts21:15Sc Garib Rath (12736)4:00Ends
Sc Bza Special (07208)Starts23:15Padmavathi Express (12763)5:50EndsVskp Ltt Express (18519)12:5013:10
Snsi Vskp Express (22802)9:259:35Padmavati Express (12764)Starts18:30Vskp Garib Rath (12739)8:10Ends
Sc Cstm Premium (02701)Starts23:45Nsl Ns Express (17214)23:0023:20Visakha Express (17015)7:30Ends
Cstm Sc Premium (02702)13:45EndsTelangana Express (17035)Starts8:20Sabari Express (17229)13:1013:15
Vskp Snsi Express (18503)21:3022:00Telangana Express (17036)20:20EndsMtm Sc Special (07049)5:55Ends
Sc Vskp Ac Special (02740)Starts22:10Ajanta Express (17064)Starts18:10Vskp Sc Ac Express (12783)7:40Ends
Sc Garibrath Special (02709)11:30EndsGolconda Express (17201)13:45EndsSc Vskp Ac Express (12784)Starts17:55
Gdr Garibrathsp (02710)Starts11:00Golconda Express (17202)Starts13:05Sc Intercity (12795)23:10Ends
Vskp Sc Ac Special (02739)7:50EndsHyb Aii Superfast Express (12720)20:5020:55Bza Intercity (12796)Starts5:30
Snsi Bza Express (17207)9:259:35Ns Nsl Express (17213)20:1020:35Tpty Snsi Express (17417)21:0021:20
Ns Sc Special (07255)6:00EndsRajkot Express (17018)Starts15:00Svdk Ypr Suvdha (22680)19:2519:35
Sc Vskp Special (08504)Starts16:30Sc Bkn Express (17037)Starts23:35Sc Duronto Express (12219)11:05Ends
Nzm Duronto Express (12285)Starts13:30Devagiri Express (17057)14:30EndsSatavahana Express (12713)11:45Ends
Vskp Duronto E (22204)Starts20:30Ypr Tata Express (18112)5:205:30Ltt Vskp Express (18520)20:5521:05
Snsi Sc Express (17001)9:25EndsSvdk Suvidha Express (22679)4:004:10Sc Tpty Superfast Express (12732)Starts20:05
Nzm Sc Duronto (12286)14:00EndsKrishna Express (17406)5:456:05Sc Duronto Express (22203)8:00Ends
Tirupati Express (17418)9:259:35Krishna Express (17405)20:4021:10Sc Pnbe Express (12791)Starts10:00
Tata Ypr Express (18111)22:2022:30Konark Express (11019)7:458:00   


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