Mysore to Bangalore Train Timings

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Mysore to Bangalore Train Timings :

Mysore to Bangalore Train Timings with Train Numbers,Train Names, arrival time, departure time, platform, duration, distance,Train speed, Railway zone etc of all trains running between Mysore City Junction (MYS) and Bangalore City Junction (SBC).

Train Timings from Mysore to Bangalore, Mysore to Bangalore Railway Time Table of all the trains that runs from Mysore City Junction to Bangalore City Junction. Total of 29 trains of which 5 Passenger, 19 Express, 5 Super Fast and 1 Shatabdi Trains are schedule to run from Mysore to Bangalore railway stations. Shatabdi is the fastest Train running between Mysore to Chennai and reaches Mysore from Bangalore in around 2 hrs. The distance between mysore to bangalore is 138Kms.

Trains Time table From Mysore Railway Station to Bangalore Railway Station :

Train No.Train NameTypeMysore
Platform No.
Departure at
Platform No.
Arrival in
Departure Days
122818Mysuru –
Howrah Weekly SF Expr…
SF500:30502:502h 20mM
216217Mysuru – Sainagar Shirdi Week…Exp505:10507:552h 45mM
316518Kannur – KSR Bengaluru Express…Exp405:30508:202h 50mSFS
416524Karwar – KSR Bengaluru Express…Exp405:30508:202h 50mSFS
556231Mysuru – KSR Bengaluru (Push P…Pass105:501009:153h 25mSMTWTFS
617326Vishwamanava ExpressExp006:101008:552h 45mSMTWTFS
716215Chamundi ExpressExp106:455,909:302h 45mSMTWTFS
812578Bagmati ExpressSF507:20509:552h 35mS
916229Mysuru – Varanasi Express (PT)Exp507:20809:552h 35mTT
1016023Malgudi Express (UnReserved)Exp608:20911:052h 45mSMTWTFS
1156216Mysuru – Yesvantpur Passenger …Pass208:30??15:457h 15mSMTWTFS
1256281Chamarajanagar – KSR Bengaluru…Pass309:05812:153h 10mSMTWTFS
1319668Palace Queen Humsafar ExpressHms010:00??12:102h 10mT
1412975Mysuru – Jaipur SF ExpressSF410:20512:452h 25mTS
1512613Tippu ExpressSF111:30914:002h 30mSMTWTFS
1617307Basava ExpressExp213:30816:303h 0mSMTWTFS
1712008Mysuru – Chennai Central Shata…Shtb114:15716:152h 0mSMTTFS
1816557Mysuru – KSR Bengaluru Rajya R…Exp4,514:30517:102h 40mSMTWTFS
1956237Mysuru – KSR Bengaluru (PUSH P…Pass214:451018:053h 20mSMTWTFS
2016232Mysuru – Mayiladuthurai (Thanj…Exp115:305,618:152h 45mSMTWTFS
2116535Gol Gumbaz ExpressExp516:008,1018:502h 50mSMTWTFS
2216219Chamarajanagar – Tirupati Expr…Exp117:00620:153h 15mSMTWTFS
2316236Mysuru – Tuticorin ExpressExp118:00521:003h 0mSMTWTFS
2416210Mysuru – Ajmer Express (PT)Exp518:30821:303h 0mTT
2516592Hampi ExpressExp219:00821:552h 55mSMTWTFS
2616227Mysuru – Talguppa Express (Via…Exp019:40923:053h 25mSMTWTFS
2722681Mysuru – Chennai Central Weekl…SF320:10622:452h 35mW
2816022Kaveri ExpressExp120:30523:252h 55mSMTWTFS
2956263Night Queen PassengerPass223:55604:004h 5mSMTWTFS

Note: Mysore to Bangalore Train Timings is subject to change please Refer Indian Railways official website website for updated/current Train Timings from Mysore to Bangalore.

Bangalore to Mysore Train Timings

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