New Delhi to Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra Trains


About Delhi to Katra train:

There are many trains in Delhi to Katra train route. These trains travel almost 600 km to connect both the cities. This train service is top-rated, and always a huge ticket craze can be seen here. This service is very much helpful for the people of the northern region. This service is an excellent initiative by the Northeastern Railway.

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Some of the trains on this route:

Many trains are available on this route. Some of them include Hapa SVDK Express with train number 12475; Jam SVDK Express with train number 12477, Malwa Express with train number 12919, Shri Shakti Express with the train number 22461, etc. This service is very much helpful because it runs every day. You can avail any of the trains at the time of an emergency. It connects the capital city with the remote areas of Katra. It takes near about 12 hours to cover the distance.

Malwa Express: Malwa Express train number is 12919/12920. This one is a superfast express train introduced by Indian Railways. The Malwa express train route is from Indore to Katra. It covers the long distance very quickly because of its speed. The Malwa Express speed is about 53 km/hr. This train has Pantry which offers you sumptuous food. But you have to pay the additional cost to enjoy the meal.

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Shri Shakti Express: It is an AC superfast express train. Shri Shakti Express Train number is 22461/22462. The Sri Shakti Express speed is 110km/hr. It halts in 6 places. It connects the busy towns to increase the connectivity in between those places.

Jammu Mail: The Jammu Mail train route is from Old Delhi to Katra. It covers the 575 km distance in 12 hours. It takes 26 halts to reach its destination. The Jammu mail train number is 14033. The decor of the train is perfect.

To experience the hassle-free journey, you must book the tickets at least two months before otherwise, it can be uncertain. All the trains of this route provide the necessary services to its customers like any other express train.

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The fare of these trains depends on the availability of the tickets. If you book the tickets in the tatkal facility, it will cost you more. The cancellation of the ticket is not applicable to every train. You have to be aware of all the policies which are applied by the authority to Delhi to Katra train.

New Delhi to Devi Katra Fare Information:

Train Name1A2A3ASLGeneral
Shri Shakti AC Express Rs. 2,400Rs. 1,425Rs. 1,005
Uttar Sampark Kranti Express Rs. 2,400Rs. 1,425Rs. 1,005Rs. 385Rs. 215
Sarvodaya Express Rs. 1,425Rs. 385Rs. 215
Jamnagar Katra Sindhu SF Express Rs. 1,425Rs. 1,005Rs. 385Rs. 215
Sarvodaya Express Rs. 1,425Rs. 1,005Rs. 385Rs. 215
Swaraj Express Rs. 1,005Rs. 215
Yesvantpur SVDK Suvidha Express Rs. 1,425Rs. 1,005Rs. 385
Anand Vihar SVDK SF Special Rs. 480Rs. 215
Jammu MailRs. 2,325Rs. 1,375Rs. 960Rs. 355Rs. 200
Andaman Express Rs. 975Rs. 360Rs. 205
Himsagar Express Rs. 975Rs. 205
Tirunelveli SVDK Express Rs. 1,405Rs. 360Rs. 205
Jabalpur Katra Express Rs. 1,405Rs. 975Rs. 360Rs. 205
Navyug Express Rs. 1,405Rs. 205
Kota Katra Weekly Express Rs. 205


Delhi to Vaishno Devi Katra Features:

Train detailsFacilities Onboard
Travel Time:11h 40m
Distance:655 km
Avg Speed:56 km/hr
Ticket availability:Good
Mobile/Laptop ChargerYes


Trains from New Delhi to Mata Vaishno Devi Katra

Train No.NameTypeFromNew Delhi Plat Form No.DepartureToKatra Plat Form No.Arrival
12475Hapa – Shri Mata Vaishno Devi SFNDLS804:50SVDK*317:10
12477Jamnagar – Shri Mata Vaishno DeviSFNDLS804:50SVDK*317:10
12473Sarvodaya Express (PT)SFNDLS804:50SVDK*317:10
12471Swaraj Express (PT)SFNDLS804:50SVDK*317:10
12919Malwa SF ExpressSF NDLS505:20SCDK*218:25
22461Shri Shakti AC Express (PT)ACSF  NDLS*717:30SVDK*105:10
14033Jammu MailExp DLI*520:10SVDK*111:05
12445Uttar Sampark Kranti ExpressSKr NDLS*1520:50SVDK*108:40
4409Delhi – Shri Mata Vaishno DeviExp DLI*021:10SVDK*111:30
22401Delhi Sarai Rohilla – UdhampurACSF DEE*222:15UHP*208:55
4401Anand Vihar Terminal – Shri MaExp ANVT*122:20SVDK*113:00
19805Kota – Udhampur Weekly ExpressExp NDLS723:203312:15
16031Andaman ExpressExp NDLS523:35SVDK*315:20
16317Himsagar Express (PT)Exp NDLS823:35SVDK*115:20
16787Tirunelveli – Shri Mata VaishnExp NDLS523:35SVDK*015:20
11449Jabalpur – Katra (Durgawati) EExp NDLS523:35SVDK*315:20
16687Navyug Express (PT)Exp NDLS623:35SVDK*215:20
19803Kota – Shri Mata Vaishno DeviExp NDLS1323:35SVDK*115:20

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