22119/22120 Tejas Express


About Tejas Express:

The concept of semi high-speed express is new in India. Tejas Express is the example of this type of train introduced by Indian Railways. This train is full of all the modern facilities. The route of the train is comparatively new and started its journey in May 2017. Tejas Express train route is Mumbai to Goa. The Tejas Express train number is 22119/22120. It runs 5 days in a week. You must book the tickets at least 8 weeks before your journey to confirm it. This train has a massive craze in all the seasons.

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The speed of Tejas Express:

Tejas Express speed is 180 km/hr. This train moves at an average speed of 130/hr also. With this speed, this train covers the distance between Mumbai and Goa. It covers the range of 551.7 km in 8hrs and 30 minutes. This one is one of the famous train routes in India. Mumbai to Goa is a bustling route mainly for the tourists. The tourism industry is perfect here.

 Some of the excellent facilities of the train:

The Tejas Express train authority is very much concerned about the comfort of the customers. You need to be aware of the modern facilities available in this train before you choose it as a part of your journey. All the coaches of this train have bio-toilets. Indicators are there to check the water level. Sponsored tap facility and hand drying machine are also available in the toilet of the train. LED TV is incorporated into every seat. Tea, coffee, and free wi-fi are the added facilities here. Other than that, Fire alarm, smoke alarm, and CCTV cameras are available for the ultimate security of the customers. All the seats of Tejas Express are made with e-leather.

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All the coaches of Tejas Express are very much decorated. LED lights and digital display boards are available to help the passengers. Two types of chair car facilities are provided. One is standard, and another one is executive. Tejas Express has 14 coaches of regular chair car which can accommodate 72 passengers, and the two executive chair car coaches can accommodate almost 56 passengers.

 22119/22120 Tejas Express Fare Details:

Tejas Express fare is almost 20% to 30 % high than the charge of Shatabdi Express. The cost is high because of the supreme comfort and modern facilities provided by this train. The average Tejas Express Fare of Executive class (EC) is Rs. 2540, without catering and Rs. 2940 with catering. The tickets of Chair car fare (CC) costs Rs. 1850 with catering and Rs. 1220 without catering, for shatabgi fares (SF) the price is near about Rs. 2390 and Rs. 1185 in Executive class (EC) and Chair car fare (CC) with catring facility.

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22119 Tejas Express from Mumbai to Karmali, Time table, Schedule and Route

Code Station Name Arrives Departs PF
CSTM Mumbai CSM Terminus  Starts 05:00 18
DR Dadar Central 05:08 05:10 4,5
TNA Thane 05:33 05:35 5
PNVL Panvel Junction 06:13 06:15 6
CHI Chiplun 09:04 09:06
RN Ratnagiri 10:15 10:20 1
KUDL Kudal 12:04 12:06 1
KRMI• Karmali• 13:20 Ends  1

22120 Tejas Express from Karmali (GOA) to Mumbai, Time table, Schedule and Route

Code Station Name Arrives Departs Plat Form No.
KRMI Karmali  Starts 14:30 1
KUDL Kudal 15:26 15:28 1
RN Ratnagiri 17:15 17:20 3
CHI Chiplun 18:18 18:20
PNVL Panvel Junction 21:33 21:35 5
TNA Thane 22:17 22:19 6
DR Dadar Central 22:38 22:40 6
CSTM Mumbai CSM Terminus 23:00 Ends  18

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