Vijayawada to Secunderabad Trains


About Vijayawada to Secunderabad trains

There are several good trains connecting Vijayawada to Secunderabad. Vijayawada is in Andhra Pradesh and Secunderabad is in Telangana. The distance via train between these two cities is 320 kilometers. This rail route is bustling, and therefore, the demand is always high. So, book your tickets in advance for travelling from Vijayawada to Secunderabad. If you want to plan a trip to Guntur (or) Warangal, this route is a favourable option for you.

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Vijayawada to Secunderabad Fares

  • The Vijayawada (BZA) to Secunderabad (SC) fare for super fast trains including Gowthami Super Fast Express is Rs. 250 for sleeper class (SC), Rs. 645 for AC 3 – tier, Rs. 895 for AC 2 – tier and Rs. 1,499 for AC first class coaches.
  • The Vijayawada (BZA) to  Secunderabad (SC) fare for other express trains including Mumbai LTT to Kakinada Port Express is Rs. 210 for sleeper class (SC), Rs. 560 for AC 3 – tier and Rs. 800 for AC 2 – tier coaches.
  • Children who are below 12 years of age and senior citizens can get discounted fares.

Trains from Vijayawada to Secunderabad

Train No.Name of the TrainType of the TrainFrom Vijaya


Vijayawada PlatForm No.Departure TimeTo Secunde



-rabad PlatForm No.

Arrival Time
17626Repalle – Secunderabad (Delta)ExpGNT000:10SC*307:55
12603Chennai Central – Hyderabad SFSFGNT100:15SC805:15
7150Guwahati – Secunderabad SpecialExpBZA000:20SC*009:15
12737Gowthami SF Express (PT)SFBZA700:30SC*506:35
17015Visakha ExpressExpBZA1,400:45SC*207:30
22203Visakhapatnam – Secunderabad ADrntBZA000:55SC*206:15
12733Narayanadri SF Express (PT)SFGNT401:05SC*806:25
12775Cocanada AC ExpressACSFBZA401:15SC*506:55
7076Kakinada Town – Secunderabad TExpBZA001:15SC*008:25
12759Charminar SF Express (PT)SFBZA1001:20SC7,807:15
12783Visakhapatnam – Secunderabad AACSFBZA00:0001:30SC*607:40
12739Visakhapatnam – Secunderabad GGRBZA602:25SC*908:10
20811Visakhapatnam – Hazur Sahib NaSFBZA00:0002:50SC509:00
20809Nagavali ExpressSFBZA002:50SC1009:00
7002Kakinada Town – Secunderabad ExpBZA??03:00SC*009:35
12703Falaknuma SF Express (PT)SFBZA1,303:25SC*2,609:05
8501Visakhapatnam – SecunderabadExpBZA005:00SC*012:00
57326Guntur – Kacheguda PassengerPassGNT*305:15KCG*3,423:15
11020Konark Express (PT)ExpBZA705:20SC1011:30
12747Palnadu SF ExpressSFGNT*305:45SC610:35
12713Satavahana SF ExpressSFBZA*1006:25SC*611:55
18519Visakhapatnam – Mumbai LTT ExpExpBZA506:55SC1,1012:50
17201Golconda ExpressExpBZA1007:10SC*2,313:45
17229Sabari Express (PT)ExpGNT107:20SC912:15
17204Kakinada Port – Bhavnagar ExpExpBZA508:05SC214:35
7116Kochuveli – Hyderabad SpecialExpGNT608:15SC913:20
22849Shalimar – Secunderabad SF ExpSFBZA008:25SC*514:25
57652Repalle – Secunderabad PassengPassGNT009:20SC*317:00
17208Vijayawada – Sainagar Shirdi ExpBZA*510:30SC616:25
17206Kakinada Port – Sainagar ShirdExpBZA510:30SC616:25
22882Bhubaneswar – Pune Superfast SFBZA011:00SC517:40
18645East Coast Express (PT)ExpBZA511:15SC517:10
12773Shalimar – Secunderabad AC SupACSFBZA712:05SC*918:30
12805Janmabhoomi ExpressSFBZA1,512:15SC*218:45
17221Kakinada Port – Lokmanya TilakExpBZA713:00SC220:15
17405Krishna ExpressExpBZA1013:30SC620:40
7417Tirupati – Nagarsol (via GuntuExpGNT??13:50SC020:15
17213Narasapur – Nagarsol (Via WaraExpBZA514:05SC5,920:10
17231Narsapur – Nagarsol (Via Guntu…ExpBZA414:05SC5,621:20
18503Visakhapatnam – Sainagar ShirdExpBZA415:20SC921:20
18111Tatanagar – Yesvantpur WeeklyExpBZA015:45SC822:20
12705Guntur – Secunderabad SF InterSFBZA1016:00SC*921:50
7118Ernakulam Jn. – Hyderabad SpecExpGNT116:05SC022:20
57306Guntur – Kacheguda PassengerPassGNT*117:30KCG*4,509:45
12795Vijayawada – Secunderabad InteSFBZA*817:30SC*122:50
7758Vijayawada – Secunderabad SpecSFBZA*817:30SC*122:50
12514Guwahati – Secunderabad SF ExpSFBZA621:55SC*304:00
7426Kakinada Port – Kacheguda SpeExpBZA022:05MJF204:25
7439Tatanagar – Kacheguda SpecialExpBZA??22:10MJF204:20
7608Tirupati – Hazur Sahib NandedExpBZA022:15SC??04:30
17255Narasapur – Hyderabad ExpressExpBZA122:35SC804:55
12749Machilipatnam – Bidar SF ExpreSFBZA722:45SC904:35
12709Simhapuri SF ExpressSFBZA823:20SC*505:40
12763Padmavati SF Express (PT)SFBZA1023:40SC*105:50
7146Tirupati – Kacheguda SpecialExpBZA1023:40KCG*206:30
12727Godavari SF ExpressSFBZA723:55SC905:45


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