5 Reasons why Kids Should not Watch Doraemon Cartoon

Doraemon cartoon:

Cartoon films are broadcasting to entertain the children and also educate the children on creative things and happening incidents with animations so that the kids gaining the confidence on watching it. The cartoons are conveying the message to children much easier in a less time rather than writing a notice. But these are also harmful to kid’s health on watching continuously. Doraemon cartoons are the leading cartoon broadcasting service owned by Disney world. These cartoons are not good for kids.

Here you can the several reasons to not watch the Doraemon cartoons by kids as follows:

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5. Ugly Characters



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The Japanese and China cartoon films are unattractive looking while watching those cartoons kids can easily adapting the expressions from the cartoons. The kids imitate these characters in the school with friends that would be a bad expression where others are watching.

4. Nobita Don’t Study

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Doraemon cartoon roles a character named Nobita walks away from study and doesn’t love to read and write while imitating this character by your kids, it leaves to be a bad impression from others.

3. Making Children Lazy & Helpless

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The Doraemon are causing addiction to children on watching continuously in the television. These cartoons make kids very lazy and helpless in real life and they won’t try to do their own task also.

2. Doraemon is full of Fiction

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These cartoons are not true and also full of fiction. In the Doraemon, a robot is bringing the gadgets to Nobita, but it is not true. Kids used those gadgets and ask the gadgets that doraemon uses.

1. Angry Characters

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The Dorameon series telecasts mostly angry characters and that leads a bad impact on children. In the cartoon Nobita’s mother always scolding on Nobita, it leads to be the bad impression on mother by kids and they learning the situation and consider mother as an enemy.

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