12311/12312 Kalka Mail


About the oldest train of India- the Kalka Mail

Kalka Mail is the oldest service of the train from Indian Railways. This train starts from the Howrah railway station which is a famous and very much crowded station of Eastern Railways. It ends its journey at Kalka, located in Haryana. Kalka is the central station, or you can say it is the way to go the beautiful hill station of our country Shimla. Shimla is the capital of Himachal Pradesh.

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This train started its journey in 1866, but that time the Kalka mail route was up to the capital city of India, Delhi. The journey of this train was extended to Kalka from Delhi in 1891. In earlier days, when India was under the control of the British, Shimla was the summer capital of the country. They started this Kalka Mail route for the smooth connectivity between Kolkata (Calcutta) and Shimla, the two capitals of them.

Depending on the historical value, this train was used in one of the great short stories of Satyajit Ray. The name of the story was “The mystery of Kalka Mail.” According to the plot of the story, three critical and instead central characters of the story were travelling to Delhi through this train.

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The Coaches of the train:

The demand of the train indicates the number of coaches of the train. This train has a huge demand. Thus it has total 24 numbers of coaches along with 4 rakes. Kalka Mail has two general coaches, and two SLR coaches, 11 sleeper coaches, one 1st AC coach, three AC 2 tier, three AC 3 tier, a second class coach with seating arrangements and one coach is reserved for pantry car.

12311/12312 Kalka Mail Speed:

This train covers almost 1713 km distance from Howrah station to Kalka in its journey. The Kalka Mail speed is 115km/hr. While covering this long distance, Kalka Mail stops in 37 spots. Distance restriction is there for all the passengers on this train. All the passengers in AC coaches have to travel a minimum distance of 160 km. For the passengers of sleeper class coaches the restricted distance is 480 km.

The timings of the train:

Kalka Mail leaves Howrah station at 19:40 hrs and reaches the Kalka station at 4:30 hrs after two days. On its return journey, it starts from Kalka station at 23:55 and arrives Howrah at 7:55 hrs after two days. It takes almost 33 hrs to cover the entire distance between the two cities.

12311/12312 Kalka Mail Fare Information:

Base Fare416924051634630
Reservation Charges60504020
Super fast charges75454530
Fuel Charges0000
Other Charges0000
Catering Charges0000
Dynamic Fare0000
Total Fare452026251805680

12311 Kalka Mail from Howrah to Kalka, Time table, Schedule and Route

Train CodeStation NameArrivesDepartsPlatForm No.
HWHHowrah Junction Starts19:409
BWNBarddhaman Junction20:4920:541
ASNAsansol Junction22:1722:224
DHNDhanbad Junction23:2623:363
GMONetaji SC Bose Junction Gomoh00:0500:153
HZDHazaribagh Road00:5300:55
KQRKoderma Junction01:2801:304
GAYAGaya Junction02:5503:001
DOSDehri On Sone03:5503:570
SSMSasaram Junction04:1104:132
BBUBhabua Road04:4304:45
MGSMughal Sarai Junction06:1506:30
ALDAllahabad Junction09:0009:101
CNBKanpur Central12:2512:351
ETWEtawah Junction14:2814:301
SKBShikohabad Junction15:0915:113
TDLTundla Junction16:1016:181,2
HRSHathras Junction16:5116:532
ALJNAligarh Junction17:2017:254
KRJKhurja Junction17:5517:582
GZBGhaziabad Junction20:0020:023
DLIOld Delhi Junction20:4521:355
SZMSabzi Mandi21:4621:481
SNPSonipat Junction22:2022:222
PNPPanipat Junction23:0723:094
KKDEKurukshetra Junction00:3500:371
UMBAmbala Cantt. Junction02:1002:207
CDGChandigarh Junction03:0003:503
CNDMChandi Mandir04:0404:051
KLKKalka04:30 Ends1

12312 Kalka Mail from Kalka to  Howrah, Time table, Schedule and Route

Train CodeStation NameArrivesDepartsPlatForm No.
KLKKalka Starts23:551
CNDMChandi Mandir00:1000:121
CDGChandigarh Junction00:2501:102
UMBAmbala Cantt. Junction02:0002:202
KKDEKurukshetra Junction02:5302:552
PNPPanipat Junction03:5203:541
SNPSonipat Junction04:4004:421
ANDIAdarsh Nagar05:0905:110
SZMSabzi Mandi05:4305:452
DLIOld Delhi Junction06:3007:000
GZBGhaziabad Junction07:4807:502
KRJKhurja Junction08:4108:443
ALJNAligarh Junction09:2809:332,3
HRSHathras Junction09:5509:571
TDLTundla Junction10:4510:503
SKBShikohabad Junction11:2511:302
ETWEtawah Junction11:5411:563
CNBKanpur Central14:2014:251
ALDAllahabad Junction17:1017:206
MGSMughal Sarai Junction20:1020:25
BBUBhabua Road21:0121:023
SSMSasaram Junction21:3421:353
DOSDehri On Sone21:5021:524
GAYAGaya Junction23:0823:133
KQRKoderma Junction00:3500:373
HZDHazaribagh Road01:1001:12
GMONetaji SC Bose Junction Gomoh02:4002:502
DHNDhanbad Junction03:1503:251
ASNAsansol Junction04:3104:365
BWNBarddhaman Junction06:2806:335
HWHHowrah Junction07:55 Ends9,14

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