Indian Railways

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Indian Railways is known to be one of the largest and the best railway network in the world which is managed by single management. So in that case, safety is more important than anything else because over 21 lakhs passengers travel on a daily basis. Such a huge usage of assets cannot be seen anywhere else. So Indian Railways always give maximum priority to the safety measures which enables them to provide superior performance.  Indian Railways is concerned about the safety of the lives of the passengers as well as their property. This is done through management, regulation and technological development. Different forms of the transportation of railways are included here.

Indian Railways management app

The full form of SIMS is Safety Information Management System. CRIS is responsible for developing, designing and hosting it as well. This one is an excellent app which manages and gives information if any accident occurs.

Indian railways facilities aboard

The International Tourist Bureaus can be seen in different cities of India including Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Varanasi, Secundrabad, Jodhpur, Agra-Cantt, New Delhi, and Mumbai. Among these International Tourist Bureaus Varanasi and New Delhi are known to be the International Tourist Bureau. PRS, as well as ITB location, will be opened seven days a week from 06:00 to 11.00. So, the foreign tourists can take information about booking, travel planning, ticket reservation, or any types of inquiries and so on.

The power of the International Tourist Bureaus

These Bureaus have the authority to issue the tickets for the NRIs as well as foreign tourists. They can pay in Pounds, Euros, US dollars, Sterling or Indian Rupees. But these NRIs have to have the valid passport. Indrail passes are also sold by them. These passes are mainly issued to the NRIs and foreign travellers. Indrail pass holder doesn’t have any route restriction. The validity of the period is given by IRP. But it cannot confirm the reserved accommodation.

The internet and the Wi-Fi

Train journey has not been dull anymore for the passengers because they can utilize the free Wi-Fi facilities provided by Indian Railway. The passengers of the train can access the Internet. They can browse the Internet, or they can check their essential emails, chats, or they can even watch videos or play a game while travelling. The download bandwidth is 4 Mbps, and the upload bandwidth is 512 Kbps. But sometimes the passengers can face slow download speed as all the passengers on the train will use this bandwidth.

The technology and security

This facility is provided to the passengers by utilizing two-way satellite hybrid. 2G and 3G links will be provided along with free Wi-Fi connection. But passengers are sometimes concerned about the security. A detailed log in process is given to maintain the security. Before using this amazing service of Indian Railways, passengers have to provide different information like their PNR number, mobile number, Government ID. Then a unique password will be sent to their mobile. Then only they can start utilizing this service.