12381/12382 Poorva Express


About Poorva Express:

Poorva Express is a super fast train which runs daily. It was introduced by Indian Railways to connect West Bengal with the capital city of our country. The term Poorva in Hindi and Bengali means the East. This train starts its journey from the east. Thus the Indian Railway authority named it Poorva Express. After the fastest train Rajdhani, it is the most popular train to go to Delhi from West Bengal Jharkhand and also Bihar. This train has the passengers mainly from these states.  This train started its journey in long back to give the excellent facilities to the passengers at an affordable price.

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12381/12382 Poorva Express Via Gaya route: 

The Poorva Express route starts from the Howrah Station and ends at the Hazarat Muhammad Nizamuddin station of New Delhi. Poorva Express has mainly two routes. It runs via two major cities of Bihar, i.e., Gaya and Patna. The Poorva Express train number is 12381/12382 which goes via Gaya.

The speed of the train:

The distance of West Bengal and Delhi is almost 1,235 km. The total length between Howrah to New Delhi is about 1449 km. Poorva Express completes its journey between these two cities within one day. It is only possible because of the marvellous speed of the train. The Poorva Express speed is almost 128 km/hr. This one is the top speed of the train. Usually Poorva Express runs at a rate of 63 km/hr.

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The route of the train and its timings:

This train starts from Howrah station at 08:15 hrs and reaches at 6:05 hours at New Delhi and again starts from New Delhi at 17:35 hrs and reaches Howrah at 16:55 hrs which goes via Gaya. Another train which goes via Patna begins from Howrah at 08:05 hrs and arrives at 06:05 hrs in New Delhi.

12381/12382 Poorva Express Via Gaya Fare Information:

The service of this super fast express train comes just after Rajdhani Express. The fare of Rajdhani Express is too costly. The Poorva Express fare is comparatively much lower than the cost of Rajdhani Express.

Base Fare366021191443555
Reservation Charges60504020
Super fast charges75454530
Fuel Charges0000
Other Charges0000
Catering Charges0000
Dynamic Fare0000
Total Fare398523251605605

12381 Poorva Express from Howrah to New Delhi Via Gaya, Timetable, Schedule and Route

Train CodeStation NameArrivesDepartsPlatForm No.
HWHHowrah Junction Starts08:158
BWNBarddhaman Junction09:2009:231
ASNAsansol Junction10:4810:534
DHNDhanbad Junction11:5712:053
KQRKoderma Junction13:3513:374
GAYAGaya Junction14:5014:551
AUBRAnugraha Narayan Road15:4415:452
DOSDehri On Sone16:0116:030
SSMSasaram Junction16:1616:172
BBUBhabua Road16:4916:500
MGSMughal Sarai Junction17:4317:584,8
BSBVaranasi Junction18:3718:475
JNHJanghai Junction20:0420:06
ALDAllahabad Junction21:4021:457
CNBKanpur Central00:0500:101
ETWEtawah Junction01:2801:302
TDLTundla Junction02:4502:482
ALJNAligarh Junction03:3603:394
NDLSNew Delhi06:05 Ends16

12382 Poorva Express from New Delhi to Howrah Via Gaya, Timetable, Schedule and Route

Train CodeStation NameArrivesDepartsPlatForm No.
NDLSNew Delhi Starts17:3515
ALJNAligarh Junction19:1219:151,2
TDLTundla Junction20:1720:203
ETWEtawah Junction21:1021:123
CNBKanpur Central23:0023:104
ALDAllahabad Junction02:2502:354,6
JNHJanghai Junction03:3703:392
BSBVaranasi Junction05:0505:205
MGSMughal Sarai Junction06:1506:302
BBUBhabua Road07:0607:073
SSMSasaram Junction07:3907:400
DOSDehri On Sone07:5607:584
AUBRAnugraha Narayan Road08:1008:110
GAYAGaya Junction09:0509:083
KQRKoderma Junction10:3010:323
DHNDhanbad Junction12:0812:181
ASNAsansol Junction13:2613:415
BWNBarddhaman Junction15:1115:165
HWHHowrah Junction16:55 Ends14

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