12797/12798 Venkatadri Express


About Venkatadri Express

The Venkatadri Express is an express or mail train. This magnificent train belongs to the Indian Railways. It is a super fast train that acts as a connecting link between Chittor and Hyderabad’s Kacheguda. The Venkatadri Express carried passengers for the first time in the year 1975, on 19th May. South Central Railways is the operator of the train currently.

An interesting fact about the Venkatadri Express

In the year 2013, a movie was released by the name Venkatadri Express’ in Telugu. The film gave excellent box office collection and also got positive reviews from film critics. Merlapaka Gandhi directed this movie that describes the activities of the main characters revolving around the Venkatadri Express. This romantic comedy has been remade by the name of Love Express in Bengali, by the name of Thirupathi Express in Kannada. With this movie, the train Venkatadri Express has become a favourite name.

Venkatadri Express Movie Review
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The Venkatadri Express train route

The Venkatadri Express route is from Kacheguda (KCG) to Chittoor (CTO). The total distance that the train covers in between these two stations are 440 miles or 708 km. The average time that is taken by the Venkatadri Express to complete its journey from Kacheguda to Chittoor is 12 hours and 50 minutes.


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The average speed of the Venkatadri Express

The Venkatadri Express maintains normal speed throughout its journey. The Venkatadri Express speed is 55 km per hour. This speed has been calculated along with 22 halts that the train takes in the course of its journey on the tracks.

Which are the stations where the Venkatadri Express stops?

The Venkatadri Express train number is 12797 when it travels from Kacheguda (KCG) to Chittoor (CTO). The Venkatadri Express train number is 12798 when it runs from Chittor (CTO) to Kacheguda (KCG). Some of the stations where the Venatadri Express stops are Gooty, Cuddapah, Tirupati, Koduru, Kondapuram, Dhone, Gadwal, Umdanagar and Pakala Junction.

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Facilities that passengers are given in the Venkatadri Express

The Venkatadri Express is a daily train. So, this train is available whenever you need it. The train has seating and sleeping arrangements for the passengers. AC, Sleeper Class, and Unreserved compartments are there for you from which you can choose your desired one. As the booking of tickets for this train starts 120 days before the date of the journey, it is smarter to book ticket beforehand. You can also book your ticket via Meramaal that aims to give you an effortless travel experience.

12797/12798 Venkatadri Express Fare Information:

Base Fare22791338924350
Reservation Charges60504020
Super fast charges75454530
Fuel Charges0000
Other Charges0000
Catering Charges0000
Dynamic Fare0000
Total Fare253515051060400

12797 Venkatadri Express from Kacheguda to Chittoor, Time table, Schedule and Route

Train CodeStation NameArrivesDepartsPlatForm No.
KCGKacheguda Starts20:053
WPRWanaparti Road22:2122:222
GWDGadwal Junction22:4422:451
KRNTKurnool City23:4623:481
DHNEDhone Junction01:0001:051
GYGooty Junction01:5802:001
YAYerraguntla Junction03:4403:45
HXKadapa Junction04:2804:301
RURenigunta Junction06:4806:505
TPTYTirupati Main07:1507:201,2
PAKPakala Junction08:0908:101
CTOChittoor08:55 Ends1

12798 Venkatadri Express from Chittoor to Kacheguda, Time table, Schedule and Route

Train CodeStation NameArrivesDepartsPlatForm No.
CTOChittoor Starts17:303
PAKPakala Junction17:5417:551
TPTYTirupati Main18:3018:351
RURenigunta Junction19:0019:051
HXKadapa Junction21:0821:103
YAYerraguntla Junction21:4821:50
GYGooty Junction23:4823:502
DHNEDhone Junction01:0501:102
KRNTKurnool City02:0802:10
GWDGadwal Junction03:0703:08
WPRWanaparti Road03:3003:31
KCGKacheguda06:20 Ends2

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