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About Bangalore to Mysore Trains

There are many trains in Bangalore to Mysore route.  Because of the efficient connectivity of rail travelling from Bangalore to Mysore is simple and easy, these trains travel almost 139 km to connect both the cities. This service is very much helpful for the people of the western region. This service is an excellent initiative by the South western Railway.

Bangalore (SBC) to Mysore (MYS) Fare Information

Class (Code)Type of TrainFare (Rs)
Second Sleeper (SL)Passenger100
Second Sleeper (SL)Express140
Second Sleeper (SL)Superfast170
Second Sitting (2S)Express75
Second Sitting (2S)Superfast90
First Class (FC)Passenger315
First Class AC Sleeper (1A)Express1155
First Class AC Sleeper (1A)Superfast1235
2-Tier AC Sleeper (2A)Express695
2-Tier AC Sleeper (2A)Superfast740
3-Tier AC Sleeper (3A)Express490
3-Tier AC Sleeper (3A)Superfast535
Executive Class (EC)Shatabdi835
Chair Car (CC)Shatabdi440
Chair Car (CC)Express255
Chair Car (CC)Superfast305
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Trains from Bangalore to Mysore

Train No.Train NameType of TrainFrom BangaloreBangalore Platform No.Departure TimeTo MysoreMysore Platform No.Arrival Time
16230Varanasi – Mysuru ExpressExpSBC800:15MYS*002:50
22817Howrah – Mysuru Superfast Expr…SFSBC501:00MYS*103:45
16209Ajmer – Mysuru ExpressExpSBC803:30MYS*406:00
16218Sainagar Shirdi – Mysuru Weekl…ExpSBC503:30MYS*406:00
16021Kaveri Express (PT)ExpSBC504:00MYS*506:50
16228Talguppa – Mysuru (Via Bengalu…ExpSBC804:30MYS*008:00
22682Chennai Central – Mysuru Weekl…SFSBC505:40MYS*008:20
16231Mayiladuthurai – Mysuru (Thanj…ExpSBC5,606:00MYS*608:40
16591Hampi ExpressExpSBC8,906:20MYS*509:15
16235Tuticorin – Mysuru ExpressExpSBC507:00MYS*409:45
16220Tirupati – Chamarajanagar Expr…ExpSBC00:0007:25MYS210:25
16536Gol Gumbaz ExpressExpSBC1008:05MYS*1,511:00
56232KSR Bengaluru – Mysuru (Push P…PassSBC*00:0009:20MYS*212:35
16558KSR Bengaluru – Mysuru Rajya R…ExpSBC*5,9,1010:30MYS*413:30
12007Chennai Central – Mysuru Shata…ShtbSBC711:00MYS*113:00
17308Basava ExpressExpSBC811:15MYS*613:50
56215Yesvantpur – Mysuru Passenger…PassYPR*012:45MYS*020:00
12976Jaipur – Mysuru SF Express (PT…SFSBC513:00MYS*415:45
16024Malgudi Express (UnReserved)ExpSBC8,913:30MYS*616:15
19667Palace Queen Humsafar ExpressHmsSBC??13:50MYS*016:25
12614Tippu ExpressSFSBC*8,915:00MYS*417:30
56282KSR Bengaluru – Chamarajanagar…PassSBC*1015:30MYS618:40
17325Vishwamanava ExpressExpSBC1017:45MYS*020:40
16216Chamundi ExpressExpSBC*518:15MYS*621:05
56238KSR Bengaluru – Mysuru (Push-P…PassSBC*919:00MYS*322:20
16517KSR Bengaluru – Kannur Express…ExpSBC*520:30MYS123:05
16523KSR Bengaluru – Karwar Express…ExpSBC*520:30MYS123:05
12577Bagmati ExpressSFSBC520:55MYS*023:30
56264Night Queen PassengerPassSBC*623:55MYS*204:00

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