Agra Cantt to New Delhi Trains

Agra Cantt to New delhi Trains (agc-ndls)

About Agra Cantt (AGC) to New Delhi (NDLS) Trains

There are many trains between Agra Cantt to New Delhi, the distance between these two places is about 195 Km. You can travel on daily basis which consists of 06 trains and also you can travel weekly basis which consists of 24 trains. Because of efficient rail connectivity travelling from AGC to NDLS is simple and easy. There are about 131 trains in between Agra and Delhi.

Agra Cantt (AGC) to New Delhi (NDLS) Trains Fare Information

  • For 1st AC Class (1A) from New Delhi (NDLS) to Agra Cantt (AGC) the fare is about Rs. 1245 – Rs. 1450 for the the trains.
  • For 2nd AC Class (2A) from New Delhi (NDLS) to Agra Cantt (AGC) the fare is about Rs. 700 – Rs. 745 for the the trains.
  • For 3rd AC Class (3A) from New Delhi (NDLS) to Agra Cantt (AGC) the fare is about Rs. 495 – Rs. 540 for the the trains.
  • For Sleeper Class (SC) from New Delhi (NDLS) to Agra Cantt (AGC) the fare is about Rs. 140 – Rs. 170 for the the trains.
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Trains from Agra Cantt. to New Delhi

Train No.Train NameType of Train From Agra Cantt.Agra Cantt. Platform No.Departure TimeTo New DelhiNew Delhi Platform No.Arrival Time
11057Mumbai CSMT – Amritsar (Pathan)ExpAGC200:10NDLS404:15
14217Unchahar Express (PT)ExpTDL200:10DLI9,1004:10
22167Singrauli – Hazrat NizamuddinSFAGC300:30NZM*503:35
13413Farakka Express (via SultanpurExpTDL200:38DLI*1004:40
13483Farakka Express (via Faizabad)ExpTDL200:38DLI*1004:40
19019Mumbai Bandra (T.) – DehradunExpBTE400:40NZM205:25
29019Mandsor – Meerut City Link ExpExpBTE400:40NZM105:25
12721Dakshin SF Express (PT)SFAGC200:50NZM*604:05
12861Dakshin Link SF ExpressSFAGC200:50NZM*604:05
9809Kota – Hazrat Nizamuddin SpecialSFBTE400:50NZM*504:20
22867Durg – Hazrat Nizamuddin HumSaHmsAGC00:0001:05NZM*004:30
14723Kalindi Express (PT)ExpTDL201:10DLI505:30
12475Hapa – Shri Mata Vaishno Devi SFBTE00:0001:13NDLS804:35
12477Jamnagar – Shri Mata Vaishno DSFBTE001:13NDLS804:35
12919Malwa SF ExpressSFAGC301:25NDLS505:00
14055Brahmaputra Mail (PT)ExpTDL201:55DLI*506:05
14623Patalkot ExpressExpAGC2,301:55DEE*406:15
12473Sarvodaya Express (PT)SFMTJ302:05NDLS804:35
12471Swaraj Express (PT)SFMTJ302:05NDLS804:35
22181Jabalpur – Hazrat NizamuddinSFAGC202:09NZM*305:15
12447Uttar Pradesh Sampark KrantiSKrAGC202:25NZM*605:25
22447Uttar Pradesh Sampark KrantiSKrAGC202:25NZM*705:25
12415Indore – Delhi Sarai RohillaSFBTE402:37NDLS1,206:10
12303Poorva Express (via Patna) (PT)SFTDL202:48NDLS*15,1606:05
12381Poorva Express (via Gaya) (PT)SFTDL202:48NDLS*1606:05
12615Grand Trunk (GT) Express (PT)SFAGC202:50NDLS406:30
12779Goa Express (PT)SFAGC303:05NZM*606:20
17305Hubballi – Londa – Delhi Hazra…SFAGC303:05NZM*606:20
12553Vaishali SF Express (PT)SFTDL203:08NDLS*806:45
8791Durg – Jammu Tawi Weekly Speci…ExpAGC203:15DSJ007:40
12964Mewar SF Express (PT)SFBTE403:20NZM*606:35
4417Pune – Hazrat Nizamuddin AC Sp…ACSFMTJ003:20NZM*005:35
22691KSR Bengaluru – Hazrat Nizamud…RajAGC203:30NZM*205:55
12621Tamil Nadu SF Express (PT)SFAGC203:53NDLS*407:05
12171Mumbai LTT – Haridwar AC Expre…ACSFAGC304:05NZM106:55
22455Sainagar Shirdi – Kalka SF Exp…SFAGC304:05NDLS507:30
18215Durg – Jammu Tawi Express (via…ExpAGC204:05NDLS507:15
2171Mumbai CSMT – Jammu Tawi AC SF…ACSFAGC2,304:05DSJ??07:50
12405Bhusaval – Hazrat Nizamuddin G…SFAGC204:18NZM*507:30
12409Raigarh – H.Nizamuddin Gondwan…SFAGC204:18NZM*507:30
12155Shaan-E-Bhopal SF Express (PT)SFAGC304:50NZM*6,708:00
22405Bhagalpur – Anand Vihar (T.) G…GRTDL205:19ANVT*1,308:20
12723Telangana Express (PT)SFAGC2,305:23NDLS*5,609:05
11901Gita Jayanti ExpressExpMTJ*505:30NDLS208:25
12549Durg – Jammu Tawi (Weekly) SF …SFAGC205:36DSJ109:30
14211Agra Cantt. – New Delhi Interc…ExpAGC*406:00NDLS*1210:20
19325Indore – Amritsar ExpressExpAGC406:20NZM111:10
12925Paschim SF Express (PT)SFBTE406:22NDLS510:40
12925-SlipPaschim Express Slip (PT)SFBTE406:22NDLS510:40
64583Tundla – Delhi MEMUMEMUTDL*00:0006:30DLI*713:00
12401Magadh ExpressSFTDL206:35NDLS*6,711:50
12627Karnataka Express (PT)SFAGC306:45NDLS*610:30
14317Indore-Dehradun Express (PT)ExpAGC207:05NZM711:10
14309Ujjaini ExpressExpAGC207:05NZM611:10
12911Valsad – Haridwar SF ExpressSFBTE407:14NZM210:35
22917Mumbai Bandra Terminus – Harid…SFBTE007:14NZM310:35
12909Mumbai Bandra Terminus – Hazra…GRMTJ307:27NZM*409:40
12247Mumbai Bandra Terminus – Hazra…ACSFMTJ307:27NZM*609:40
12192Shridham SF Express (PT)SFAGC307:35NDLS*111:50
19023Mumbai Central – Firozpur Jant…ExpBTE407:50NDLS112:45
12611Chennai Central – Hazrat Nizam…GRAGC207:57NZM*310:25
12433Chennai Central – Hazrat Nizam…RajAGC207:57NZM*310:25
22109Mumbai LTT – Hazrat Nizamuddin…ACSFAGC207:57NZM*610:25
12917Gujarat Sampark Kranti ExpressSKrMTJ308:02NZM*610:40
12189Mahakaushal Express (PT)SFAGC308:15NZM*611:40
12715Sachkhand Express (PT)SFAGC408:40NDLS312:10
51901Agra Cantt. – Old Delhi Passen…PassAGC*309:00NDLS215:35
12953August Kranti Rajdhani ExpressRajMTJ309:02NZM*410:55
12485Hazur Sahib Nanded – Shri Gang…SFAGC309:15NDLS313:00
12421Hazur Sahib Nanded – Amritsar …SFAGC309:15NDLS313:00
22457Hazur Sahib Nanded – Una Himac…SFAGC209:15NDLS313:00
12059Kota – Hazrat Nizamuddin Jan S…JShtbBTE409:25NZM*712:30
22125Nagpur – Amritsar AC SF Expres…ACSFAGC209:30NDLS213:35
12617Mangala Lakshadweep SF Express…SFAGC2,310:15NZM*613:15
12625Kerala Express (PT)SFAGC310:25NDLS*413:45
18477Kalinga Utkal Express (PT)ExpAGC310:50NZM114:40
12419Gomti ExpressSFTDL211:21NDLS*615:05
22633Thiruvananthapuram Central – H…SFBTE011:22NZM*014:15
12647Kongu SF ExpressSFAGC411:24NZM*314:15
18507Hirakud (Hirakund) Express (PT…ExpAGC111:29NDLS714:40
22941Indore – Jammu Tawi Weekly SF …SFMTJ311:30DSJ014:10
12807Samta ExpressSFAGC313:44NZM*616:45
12645Millennium SF Express (PT)SFAGC214:05NZM*617:10
12147SCSMT Kolhapur – Hazrat Nizamu…SFAGC214:05NZM*417:10
12643Thiruvananthapuram Central – H…SFAGC214:05NZM*317:10
12781Mysuru – Delhi Hazrat Nizamudd…SFAGC314:05NZM*317:10
12803Visakhapatnam – Hazrat Nizamud…SFAGC2,314:05NZM*6,717:10
12903Golden Temple Mail (PT)SFBTE415:02NZM118:45
14151Kanpur – Anand Vihar Terminal …ExpTDL215:05ANVT*018:20
12641Thirukkural SF Express (PT)SFAGC215:15NZM*6,718:00
13007Udyan Abha Toofan Express (PT)ExpAGC415:20NDLS119:40
11111Sushasan ExpressExpAGC215:30NZM219:00
22415Andhra Pradesh AC SF ExpressACSFAGC315:45NDLS*619:05
12505North East Express (PT)SFTDL1,215:53ANVT*219:20
64953Agra Cantt. – Nizamuddin MEMUMEMUAGC*516:15NZM*421:00
12311Kalka Mail (PT)SFTDL1,216:18DLI520:45
18237Chhattisgarh Express (PT)ExpAGC2,316:30NZM120:20
59386-SlipPenchvalley Passenger Slip (Ch…ExpAGC316:30NZM120:20
18101Tatanagar-Jammu Tawi Express (…ExpTDL216:38DLI521:35
18309Sambalpur- Jammu Tawi ExpressExpTDL1,216:38DLI521:35
12487Seemanchal ExpressSFTDL017:10ANVT*121:00
22487Seemanchal Link Express (PT)SFTDL217:10ANVT*121:00
11077Jhelum Express (PT)ExpAGC317:12NDLS621:00
12687Madurai – Dehradun SF Express …SFAGC217:30NZM220:40
16317Himsagar Express (PT)ExpAGC2,417:30NDLS821:40
16787Tirunelveli – Shri Mata Vaishn…ExpAGC217:30NDLS521:40
16687Navyug Express (PT)ExpAGC317:30NDLS621:40
12687-SlipMadurai – Chandigarh SF Expres…SFAGC217:30NZM220:40
15483Sikkim Mahananda ExpressExpTDL217:45DLI*1122:40
12875Neelachal (Neelanchal) SF Expr…SFFZD317:48NDLS*1221:45
12049Gatimaan ExpressShtbAGC217:50NZM*319:30
12137Punjab Mail (PT)SFAGC317:55NDLS321:15
64957Agra – Palwal MEMUMEMUAGC*618:15PWL*021:30
16031Andaman ExpressExpAGC218:30NDLS523:00
11449Jabalpur – Katra (Durgawati) EExpAGC518:30NDLS523:00
19803Kota – Shri Mata Vaishno DeviExpBTE418:52NDLS1323:00
19805Kota – Udhampur Weekly ExpressExpBTE418:52NDLS723:00
12279Taj ExpressSFAGC218:55NDLS*1422:25
12003Lucknow Jn – New Delhi SwarnShtbTDL219:22NDLS*622:15
1707Jabalpur – Atari Special FareExpAGC319:50NDLS3,400:20
4111Allahabad – Jammu Tawi SpecialExpTDL1,220:40DLI000:35
19307Indore – Chandigarh Weekly ExpExpAGC221:05NDLS600:55
12001Habibganj – New Delhi ShatabdiShtbAGC221:15NDLS*123:30
22653Thiruvananthapuram CentralSFBTE022:35NZM*601:45
22655Thiruvananthapuram – Hazrat NiSFBTE022:35NZM*601:40
22403Puducherry – New Delhi SF ExpressSFAGC323:00NDLS*603:20
9021Mumbai Bandra Terminus – JammuACSFMTJ323:10NDLS1501:30
15707Amrapali Express (PT)ExpTDL223:15DLI1002:50

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