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About New Delhi to Agra Cantt Trains

There are many trains between New Delhi (NDLS) to Agra Cantt (AGC), the distance between these two places is about 195 Km. You can travel on daily basis which consists of 06 trains and also you can travel weekly basis which consists of 24 trains. Because of efficient rail connectivity travelling from NDLS to AGC is simple and easy.

Trains from New Delhi (NDLS) to Agra Cantt (AGC)

Train No.Train NameType of TrainFrom DelhiDelhi Platform NoDeparture TimeTo Agra CanttAgra Cantt Platform No.Arrival Time
22168Hazrat Nizamuddin – SingrauliSFNZM*500:05AGC102:55
12172Haridwar – Mumbai LTT AC SF ExpressACSFNZM200:10AGC102:55
11112Sushasan ExpressExpNZM201:00AGC103:45
1708Atari – Jabalpur SpecialFareExpNDLS902:00AGC105:30
19806Udhampur – Kota Weekly ExpressExpNDLS903:40BTE306:54
64958Palwal Agra MEMUMEMUPWL*004:25AGC*607:15
18238Chhattisgarh Express (PT)ExpNZM204:30AGC108:13
18238-SlipChhattisgarh Express SlipExpNZM204:30AGC108:13
18310Jammu Tawi – Sambalpur ExpressExpDLI1304:50TDL3,408:33
18102Jammu Tawi – Tatanagar (Muri)ExpDLI1304:50TDL308:33
18310-SlipJammu Tawi – Tatanagar ExpressExpDLI00:0004:50TDL408:33
12138Punjab MailSFNDLS405:15AGC208:30
9810Hazrat Nizamuddin – Kota SpecialSFNZM*00:0005:15BTE308:35
12148Hazrat Nizamuddin – SCSMT KolhiSFNZM*705:50AGC108:45
12646Millennium Express (PT)SFNZM*705:50AGC108:45
12782Delhi Hazrat Nizamuddin – MysuSFNZM*505:50AGC108:45
12804Hazrat Nizamuddin – VisakhapatnamSFNZM*705:50AGC108:45
12644Hazrat Nizamuddin – ThiruvananthapuramSFNZM*705:50AGC108:45
12002New Delhi – Bhopal HabibganjShtbNDLS*106:00AGC107:57
12004New Delhi – Lucknow Jn SwarnShtbNDLS*906:10TDL308:49
12876Neelachal (Neelanchal) SF ExpSFNDLS*1206:25FZD209:45
22416Andhra Pradesh AC SF ExpressACSFNDLS*1006:25AGC109:10
15484Sikkim Mahananda ExpressExpDLI*906:35TDL311:00
12506North East Express (PT)SFANVT*306:45TDL309:45
12280Taj ExpressSFNDLS*1406:45AGC109:40
12312Kalka MailSFDLI1107:00TDL310:45
13008Udyan Abha Toofan ExpressExpNDLS507:00AGC411:50
12642Thirukkural SF Express (PT)SFNZM*707:10AGC110:05
51902Old Delhi – Agra Cantt. PassengerPassNDLS607:17AGC*413:25
12904Golden Temple Mail (PT)SFNZM507:20BTE310:29
12488Seemanchal ExpressSFANVT*107:30TDL310:30
12488-SlipSeemanchal Link ExpressSFANVT*107:30TDL310:30
18508Hirakud (Hirakund) ExpressExpNDLS808:10AGC111:25
12050Gatimaan ExpressShtbNZM*508:10AGC109:50
22868Hazrat Nizamuddin – Durg HumSaHmsNZM*408:25AGC110:52
12648Kongu ExpressSFNZM*6,708:35AGC111:10
12808Samta ExpressSFNZM*508:35AGC111:10
12618Mangala Lakshadweep SF ExpressSFNZM*709:15AGC112:05
19326Amritsar – Indore ExpressExpNZM210:05AGC112:50
22654Hazrat Nizamuddin – ThiruvananthapuramSFNZM*610:05BTE012:42
22656Hazrat Nizamuddin – ThiruvananthapuramSFNZM*610:05BTE212:42
11078Jhelum ExpressExpNDLS410:15AGC113:30
9022Jammu Tawi – Bandra TerminusACSFNDLS010:30MTJ213:05
4112Jammu Tawi – Allahabad SpecialExpDLI010:40TDL314:00
22126Amritsar – Nagpur AC SF ExpressACSFNDLS511:10AGC113:50
12626Kerala Express (PT)SFNDLS*311:25AGC114:05
18478Kalinga Utkal Express (PT)ExpNZM212:05AGC115:15
14624Patalkot ExpressExpDEE*212:20AGC116:05
12420Gomti ExpressSFNDLS*1212:25TDL316:05
64584Delhi – Tundla MEMUMEMUDLI*00:0012:55TDL*418:10
12060Hazrat Nizamuddin – Kota JanShJShtbNZM*713:15BTE315:48
12716Sachkhand ExpressSFNDLS413:20AGC216:20
19024Firozpur Cantt – Mumbai CentralExpNDLS713:30BTE317:25
14318Dehradun-Indore ExpressExpNZM613:40AGC116:40
14310Ujjaini ExpressExpNZM213:40AGC216:40
12918Gujarat Sampark Kranti ExpressSKrNZM*613:55MTJ216:03
12191Shridham SF ExpressSFNDLS*114:05AGC116:57
16032Andaman ExpressExpNDLS6,714:15AGC218:12
16318Himsagar Express (PT)ExpNDLS714:15AGC218:12
11450Katra – Jabalpur (Durgavati)ExpNDLS714:15AGC218:12
16688Navyug ExpressExpNDLS614:15AGC118:40
16688-SlipNavyug Express SlipExpNDLS714:15AGC118:40
16318-SlipHimsagar Express Slip (PT)ExpNDLS714:15AGC118:12
19804Shri Mata Vaishno Devi KatraExpNDLS614:15BTE318:37
12688Dehradun – Madurai SF ExpressSFNZM1,214:30AGC118:12
22688Chandigarh – Madurai SF ExpressSFNZM214:30AGC118:12
12780Goa Express (PT)SFNZM*715:00AGC117:30
12780-SlipDelhi Hazrat Nizamuddin – LondSFNZM*715:00AGC117:30
14006Lichchavi Express (PT)ExpANVT*215:10TDL420:37
12550Jammu Tawi – Durg Weekly SF Ex…SFDSJ115:10AGC118:40
22942Jammu Tawi – Indore Weekly SFSFDSJ115:10MTJ318:00
15708Amrapali ExpressExpDLI1115:20TDL319:08
12406Hazrat Nizamuddin – Bhusaval G…SFNZM*415:20AGC118:27
12410H. Nizamuddin – Raigarh GondwaSFNZM*415:20AGC118:27
12910Hazrat Nizamuddin – Mumbai Ban…GRNZM*715:35MTJ417:10
12248Hazrat Nizamuddin – Bandra TerminusACSFNZM*715:35MTJ317:10
22110Hazrat Nizamuddin – Mumbai LTTACSFNZM*615:45AGC217:49
12612Hazrat Nizamuddin – Chennai Ce…GRNZM*715:55AGC118:00
12434Hazrat Nizamuddin – Chennai Ce…RajNZM*315:55AGC118:00
12190Mahakaushal ExpressSFNZM*616:05AGC119:13
8792Jammu Tawi – Durg Weekly SpeciExpDSJ16:10AGC120:45
12926Paschim SF Express (PT)SFNDLS516:45BTE319:40
22926Paschim Express (Slip) (PT)SFNDLS516:45BTE319:40
12954August Kranti Rajdhani ExpressRajNZM*3,616:50MTJ318:38
22406Anand Vihar (T) – Bhagalpur GaGRANVT*1,316:55TDL119:50
12724Telangana Express (PT)SFNDLS*417:25AGC120:10
14212New Delhi – Agra Cantt. IntercExpNDLS*617:35AGC*322:05
12304Poorva Express (via Patna) (PTSFNDLS*1517:35TDL320:17
12382Poorva Express (via Gaya) (PT)SFNDLS*1517:35TDL320:17
2172Jammu Tawi – Mumbai CSMT ACACSFDSJ017:35AGC121:58
22182Hazrat Nizamuddin – JabalpurSFNZM*317:50AGC1,220:27
11902Gita Jayanti ExpressExpNDLS718:20MTJ*121:35
12616Grand Trunk (GT) Express (PT)SFNDLS318:40AGC121:35
12963Mewar SF ExpressSFNZM*719:00BTE321:35
18216Jammu Tawi – Durg ExpressExpNDLS419:05AGC122:40
12920Malwa SF ExpressSFNDLS319:15AGC122:25
14152Anand Vihar Terminal – KanpurExpANVT*419:45TDL323:05
12554Vaishali SF Express (PT)SFNDLS*819:50TDL323:10
12402Magadh Express (PT)SFNDLS*1620:00TDL1,323:25
12448Uttar Pradesh Sampark Kranti SKrNZM*720:10AGC123:05
12448-slipUttar Pradesh Sampark KrantiSKrNZM*520:10AGC123:05
11058Amritsar – Mumbai CSMT ( PathaExpNDLS420:45AGC100:35
22692Hazrat Nizamuddin – KSR BengalRajNZM*420:45AGC122:49
12156Shaan E Bhopal SF ExpressSFNZM*720:55AGC123:20
12628Karnataka Express (PT)SFNDLS*321:15AGC123:47
12418Prayagraj ExpressSFNDLS*1621:20TDL300:30
14218Unchahar ExpressExpDLI1421:30TDL301:12
4418Hazrat Nizamuddin – Pune SpeciACSFNZM*421:35MTJ023:30
13414Farakka Express (via SultanpurExpDLI*1021:40TDL301:42
13484Farakka Express (via Faizabad)ExpDLI*721:40TDL301:42
19020Dehradun – Mumbai Bandra Termi…ExpNZM521:50BTE302:08
29020Meerut City – Mandsor Link ExpExpNZM621:50BTE302:08
12476Shri Mata Vaishno Devi KatraSFNDLS821:50BTE300:36
12478Katra – Jamnagar (Sindhu) SFSFNDLS821:50BTE000:36
14724Kalindi ExpressExpDLI1521:50TDL302:00
12474Sarvodaya ExpressSFNDLS821:50MTJ200:05
12472Swaraj ExpressSFNDLS821:50MTJ200:05
12416Delhi Sarai Rohilla – Indore S…SFNDLS722:00BTE301:04
12276New Delhi – Allahabad DurontoDrntNDLS*1422:15TDL†300:40
12622Tamil Nadu SF Express (PT)SFNDLS*322:30AGC101:00
12722Dakshin SF Express (PT)SFNZM*523:00AGC101:55
12722-SlipDakshin Link SF Express (PT)SFNZM*523:00AGC101:55
12912Haridwar – Valsad SF ExpressSFNZM223:35BTE302:26
22918Haridwar – Mumbai Bandra TerminusSFNZM223:35BTE302:26
22634Hazrat Nizamuddin – ThiruvananthapuramSFNZM*423:35BTE002:26
19308Chandigarh-Indore Weekly ExpressExpNDLS723:35AGC102:35
14056Brahmaputra Mail (PT)ExpDLI*1623:40TDL302:48
12486Shri Ganganagar – Hazur SahibSFNDLS??23:45AGC102:20
22404New Delhi – Puducherry SF ExprSFNDLS*623:45AGC102:20
12422Amritsar – Hazur Sahib NandedSFNDLS623:45AGC102:20
22458Una Himachal – Hazur Sahib NanSFNDLS623:45AGC102:20
22456Kalka – Sai Nagar Shirdi SF ExSFNDLS723:55AGC102:55

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New Delhi to Agra Cantt Trains Fare Information

  • For Sleeper Class (SC) from New Delhi (NDLS) to Agra Cantt (AGC) the fare is about Rs. 140 – Rs. 170 for the the trains.
  • For 3rd AC Class (3A) from New Delhi (NDLS) to Agra Cantt (AGC) the fare is about Rs. 495 – Rs. 540 for the the trains.
  • For 2nd AC Class (2A) from New Delhi (NDLS) to Agra Cantt (AGC) the fare is about Rs. 700 – Rs. 745 for the the trains.
  • For 1st AC Class (1A) from New Delhi (NDLS) to Agra Cantt (AGC) the fare is about Rs. 1245 – Rs. 1450 for the the trains.
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