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About Secunderabad to Warangal Trains

There are many trains between Secunderabad Junction to Warangal City, daily 28 trains will run from SC to WGL among 57 trains. The distance between these two cities is about 141 Km. Because of efficient rail connectivity travelling from Secunderabad Junction to Warangal City is simple and easy. It takes about 2 hours and 40 minutes for travelling from SC to WGL (or) WGL to SC.

Secunderabad Junction (SC) to Warangal City (WGL) Fare Information

  • For General Compartment the Secunderabad Junction(SC) to Warangal City (WGL) Trains Fare is about Rs. 35 – Rs. 50.
  • For Sleeper Class (SL) Compartment the Secunderabad Junction(SC) to Warangal City (WGL) Trains Fare is about Rs. 140 – Rs. 170.
  • For 3rd AC (3A) Compartment the Secunderabad Junction(SC) to Warangal City (WGL) Trains Fare is about Rs. 495 – 540.
  • For 2nd AC (2A) Compartment the Secunderabad Junction(SC) to Warangal City (WGL) Trains Fare is about Rs. 700 – Rs. 745.
  • For 1st AC (1A) Compartment the Secunderabad Junction(SC) to Warangal City (WGL) Trains Fare is about Rs. 1165 – Rs. 1145.
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Trains from Secunderabad to Warangal

Train No.Train NameType of Train From Secunde



rabad Platform No.

Departure TimeTo WarangalWarangal Platform No.Arrival Time
7607Hazur Sahib Nanded – TirupatiExpSC??00:40WL003:40
12975Mysuru – Jaipur SF ExpressSFKCG102:10KZJ104:20
12193Yesvantpur – Jabalpur SF Expre…SFMJF304:15KZJ006:23
17011Hyderabad – Sirpur KaghaznagarExpSC3,405:20KZJ107:28
22850Secunderabad – Shalimar SF Exp…SFSC*205:40WL107:43
12774Secunderabad – Shalimar AC Sup…ACSFSC*205:40WL107:43
18112Yesvantpur – Tatanagar Express…ExpSC005:40WL107:43
17406Krishna ExpressExpSC606:05WL108:33
11304SCSMT Kolhapur – Manuguru Expr…ExpSC006:25WL109:10
12723Telangana Express (PT)SFSC106:50KZJ108:40
12590Secunderabad – Gorakhpur SF Ex…SFSC*007:20KZJ109:14
12592Yesvantpur – Gorakhpur SF Expr…SFSC607:20KZJ109:14
22705Tirupati – Jammu Tawi HumSafar…HmsSC007:20KZJ109:14
12706Secunderabad – Guntur SF Inter…SFSC*107:40WL110:08
22691KSR Bengaluru – Hazrat Nizamud…RajSC1007:50KZJ109:28
11019Konark Express (PT)ExpSC2,608:00WL110:28
12757Secunderabad – Sirpur Kaghazna…SFSC*108:20KZJ110:23
17207Sainagar Shirdi – Vijayawada E…ExpSC109:20WL111:40
17205Sainagar Shirdi – Kakinada Por…ExpSC609:20WL111:40
18504Sainagar Shirdi – Vishakapatna…ExpSC909:20WL111:40
12791Secunderabad – Danapur SF Expr…SFSC*110:00KZJ112:00
67264Hyderabad – Warangal Push Pull…MEMUSC410:06WL*113:45
18646East Coast Express (PT)ExpSC110:20WL112:53
12647Kongu SF ExpressSFKCG110:40KZJ1,213:18
12251Wainganga SF ExpressSFKCG110:40KZJ113:18
15024Yesvantpur – Gorakhpur Express…ExpKCG110:40KZJ113:18
22683Yesvantpur – Lucknow SF Expres…SFMJF311:00KZJ013:18
12437Secunderabad – Hazrat NizamuddRajSC*112:45KZJ114:45
17202Golconda ExpressExpSC*3,5,613:00WL115:43
17233Bhagyanagar ExpressExpSC*2,315:25KZJ117:45
12714Satavahana SF ExpressSFSC*6,816:15WL118:20
8502Secunderabad – Vishakapatnam ExpSC*816:30WL018:43
12707Andhra Pradesh Sampark Kranti SKrKCG117:15KZJ119:38
12728Godavari SF Express (PT)SFSC117:40WL119:45
12784Secunderabad – Visakhapatnam A…ACSFSC*917:55WL119:56
12764Padmavati SF Express (PT)SFSC*118:30WL120:38
57625Kakatiya Fast PassengerPassSC*3,518:40WL121:48
12760Charminar SF Express (PT)SFSC118:55WL121:08
67266Hyderabad – Kazipet Push PullMEMUSC319:10KZJ*022:00
12740Secunderabad- Visakhapatnam GRSC*120:30WL122:28
12776Cocanada AC ExpressACSFSC*2,320:45WL122:48
18520Mumbai LTT (Kurla) – VisakhapatnamExpSC221:05KZJ123:28
12738Gowthami SF Express (PT)SFSC*121:15WL123:33
7091Secunderabad – Raxaul SpecialExpSC*421:40KZJ123:30
20812Hazur Sahib Nanded – Visakhapa…SFSC821:50KZJ123:53
20810Nagavali Express (PT)SFSC821:50KZJ123:53
7005Hyderabad – Raxaul Special Far…ExpSC122:00KZJ100:03
7007Secunderabad – Darbhanga Speci…ExpSC*222:00KZJ100:03
7009Secunderabad – Barauni Special…ExpSC*022:00KZJ000:03
12771Secunderabad – Nagpur SF ExpressSFSC*00:0022:00KZJ100:03
12750Bidar – Machilipatnam SF ExpressSFSC222:30WL100:38
12710Simhapuri SF Express (PT) (PT)SFSC*1022:55WL101:14
12721Dakshin SF Express (PT)SFSC423:00KZJ101:10
17214Nagarsol – Narsapur (Via WarangalExpSC823:20WL101:34
17026Secunderabad – Manuguru ExpresExpSC*323:45WL102:09
17037Secunderabad – Bikaner ExpressExpSC*123:55KZJ101:48
15016Yesvantpur – Gorakhpur ExpressExpSC223:55KZJ102:05

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