Warangal to Secunderabad Trains


About Warangal (WGL) to Secunderabad (SC) Trains

There are many Trains from Warangal (WGL) to Secunderabad (SC)  Junction, daily 28 trains will run from SC to WGL among 57 trains. The distance between these two cities is about 141 Km.

Because of efficient rail connectivity travelling from Warangal City to  Secunderabad Junction is simple and easy. It takes about 2 hours and 40 minutes for travelling from WGL to SC.

Trains from Warangal to Secunderabad

Train No.Train NameType of TrainFrom WarangalWarangal Platform No.Departure TimeTo SecunderabadSecunderabad Platform No.Arrival Time
17025Manuguru – Secunderabad ExpressExpWL200:55SC*304:45
17608Tirupati – Hazur Sahib NandedExpWL001:35SC??04:30
12722Dakshin SF Express (PT)SFKZJ201:40SC4,904:05
12749Machilipatnam – Bidar SF ExpSFWL201:45SC904:35
12709Simhapuri SF ExpressSFWL202:17SC*505:40
17092Raxaul – Secunderabad SpecialExpKZJ202:30SC*006:55
12763Padmavati SF Express (PT)SFWL202:32SC*105:50
17146Tirupati – Kacheguda SpecialExpWL002:32KCG*206:30
12727Godavari SF ExpressSFWL202:42SC905:45
12737Gowthami SF Express (PT)SFWL203:29SC*506:35
12775Cocanada AC ExpressACSFWL00:0003:57SC*506:55
12759Charminar SF Express (PT)SFWL204:15SC7,807:15
12783Visakhapatnam – SecunderabadACSFWL00:0004:32SC*607:40
67265Warangal – Hyderabad Push PullMEMUWL*305:15SC508:40
12772Nagpur – Secunderabad SF ExpressSFKZJ205:19SC*308:25
12739Visakhapatnam – SecunderabadGRWL205:20SC*908:10
57626Kakatiya Fast PassengerPassWL305:22SC*309:25
17038Bikaner-Secunderabad ExpressExpKZJ205:52SC*408:50
20811Visakhapatnam – Hazur Sahib NaSFKZJ306:02SC509:00
20809Nagavali ExpressSFKZJ306:02SC1009:00
12708Andhra Pradesh Sampark KrantiSKrKZJ306:50KCG209:50
17234Bhagyanagar ExpressExpKZJ207:50SC*510:45
18501Visakhapatnam – SecunderabadExpWL207:57SC*012:00
11020Konark Express (PT)ExpWL208:10SC1011:30
12713Satavahana SF ExpressSFWL309:20SC*611:55
12648Kongu ExpressSFKZJ209:25KCG212:20
18519Visakhapatnam – Mumbai LTT ExpExpKZJ010:10SC1,1012:50
17201Golconda ExpressExpWL2,310:15SC*2,313:45
22849Shalimar – Secunderabad SF ExpressSFWL211:25SC*514:25
12438Hazrat Nizamuddin – SecunderabadRajKZJ211:27SC*314:00
12591Gorakhpur – Yesvantpur SF ExpressSFKZJ212:27SC8,615:10
12589Gorakhpur – Secunderabad SF ExpressSFKZJ012:27SC*915:10
15015Gorakhpur – Yesvantpur ExpressExpKZJ312:27SC815:10
17208Vijayawada – Sainagar ShirdiExpWL213:32SC616:25
17206Kakinada Port – Sainagar ShirdExpWL213:32SC616:25
67267Warangal-Hyderabad Push PullMEMUWL*314:00SC317:29
18645East Coast Express (PT)ExpWL214:10SC517:10
12773Shalimar – Secunderabad AC SFACSFWL214:40SC*918:30
17012Sirpur Kaghaznagar – SecunderabadExpKZJ215:05SC*617:45
22692Hazrat Nizamuddin – KSR BengalRajKZJ2,316:07SC1018:25
12724Telangana Express (PT)SFKZJ2,316:47SC6,919:00
17213Narasapur – Nagarsol (Via WarangalExpWL216:52SC5,920:10
17405Krishna ExpressExpWL2,317:05SC620:40
12758Sirpur Kaghaznagar – SecunderabadSFKZJ217:35SC*520:15
18503Visakhapatnam – Sainagar ShirdExpWL218:20SC921:20
15023Gorakhpur – Yesvantpur ExpressExpKZJ218:40KCG222:20
12792Danapur – Secunderabad SF ExpressSFKZJ218:50SC*221:30
12705Guntur – Secunderabad SF InterSFWL318:55SC*921:50
18111Tatanagar – Yesvantpur WeeklyExpWL019:08SC822:20
11303Manuguru – SCSMT Kolhapur ExpressExpWL00:0019:30SC022:55
17008Darbhanga – Secunderabad SpecialExpKZJ019:41SC*022:10
22706Jammu Tawi – Tirupati HumsafarHmsKZJ2,320:10SC6,1022:45
17006Raxaul – Hyderabad SpecialExpKZJ220:12SC622:40
17010Barauni – Secunderabad SpecialExpKZJ020:12SC*022:40
12976Jaipur – Mysuru SF Express (PT)SFKZJ321:00KCG323:40
12252Wainganga SF Express (PT)SFKZJ322:20KCG201:25
12194Jabalpur – Yesvantpur SF ExpressSFKZJ222:20MJF201:14
22684Lucknow – Yesvantpur SF ExpressSFKZJ222:20MJF201:14






 Warangal to Secunderabad Trains Fare Information

  • For General Compartment the Secunderabad Junction(SC) to Warangal City (WGL) Trains Fare is about Rs. 35 – Rs. 50.
  • For Sleeper Class (SL) Compartment the Secunderabad Junction(SC) to Warangal City (WGL) Trains Fare is about Rs. 140 – Rs. 170.
  • For 3rd AC (3A) Compartment the Secunderabad Junction(SC) to Warangal City (WGL) Trains Fare is about Rs. 495 – 540.
  • For 2nd AC (2A) Compartment the Secunderabad Junction(SC) to Warangal City (WGL) Trains Fare is about Rs. 700 – Rs. 745.
  • For 1st AC (1A) Compartment the Secunderabad Junction(SC) to Warangal City (WGL) Trains Fare is about Rs. 1165 – Rs. 1145.
  • For more details regarding Secunderabad Junction(SC) to Warangal City (WGL) Trains Fare information and IRCTC Tickets discount offers Visit: https://www.irctc.co.in

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