Unemployment Allowance Scheme in Andhra Pradesh for Unemployed Youth

Unemployment Allowance of Rs. 2000 in Andhra Pradesh

Unemployment Allowance of Rs. 2000 in Andhra Pradesh:

The Government of Andhra Pradesh is organizing to launch the Unemployment Allowance Scheme, which is the most awaited scheme at Thirupathi on Independence Day. The main aim of this scheme is to offer financial assistance monthly to the unemployed youth across the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Under this Scheme, the Government of Andhra Pradesh would offer a certain amount as allowance to employment to each eligible youth of unemployed until they are gets a job.

The Unemployment Allowance Scheme is the most awaited scheme for the youth which was announced earlier. The scheme surely makes the burden less on the unemployed youth and help them in finding a job. This Allowance Scheme would economically help the youth in getting Skill training for better chances of achieving a job.

Unemployment Allowance of Rs. 2000 in Andhra Pradesh
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The Government of Andhra Pradesh under this scheme may offer Rs. 2000 per month to each post graduate who is eligible and unemployed and until till they achieve a job or a maximum of 3 years. Rs. 1500 will be given to a Graduate and Rs. 1000 to an intermediate pass as the financial assistance.

Andhra Pradesh Unemployment Allowance Scheme:

Here are some of the highlights of AP Unemployment Allowance Scheme:

  • 2000 will be received by the unemployed Post Graduate per month, Rs. 1500 will be received by Graduate and Rs. 1000 by an intermediate pass.
  • An SSC pass can also receive the financial assistance but the amount has not yet decided.
  • The eligible candidates are those who have registered at AP Employment Exchange would receive the allowance.
  • However, the government of the state is offering time to the applicants to get the formalities finished who has not yet registered at AP Employment Exchange.

Andhra Pradesh Unemployment Allowance Scheme Application Form:

Andhra Pradesh Unemployment Allowance Scheme Application Form
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In Andhra Pradesh, the application forms for allowance scheme of unemployment may be invited through any offline or online modes. After the scheme is launched, the exact forms and exact procedure would be available.

Eligibility for Unemployment Allowance Scheme:

  • The candidate should be a resident of Andhra Pradesh State.
  • The candidate’s age should be between 18 to 40 years.
  • The candidate shall be provided allowance depending upon their qualification.
  • The candidate must be registered with the Andhra Pradesh employment exchange.

This financial assistance would be offered only to one unemployed person in the family. According to the government data, there are around 12 lakh unemployed youth in the state.