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About Kanchanjunga Express

The Kanchanjunga Express is a significant mail train introduced by the Indian Railways. It acts as a connecting link between the states of Assam and West Bengal. The train is administered at present by the North Frontier Railways.

The Kanchanjunga Express train number when it travels from Sealdah to Guwahati is 15657. The Kanchanjunga Express train number is 15658 when it carries passengers from Guwahati to Sealdah.

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History of the Kanchanjunga Express

The Kanchanjunga Express has acquired its name from the majestic peak of the Himalayan Ranges, the Kanchanjunga. When the Kanchanjunga Express was introduced, it used to connect Howrah to New Jalpaiguri. After a few years, it travelled up to Guwahati Junction instead of New Jalpaiguri. Later the route was again revised from Sealdah to Guwahati. In the year 2016, there had been further changes in the direction of the train as its lines were extended up to Silchar and then Agartala. So, it runs thrice in a week from Silchar and twice in a week from Agartala.

The Kanchanjunga Express train speed

The Kanchanjunga Express speed is 50 km per hour on an average. By running at this speed, the train takes an average time of 21 hours and 25 minutes to reach from its starting point to its end point.

The Kanchanjunga Express train route

The Kanchanjunga Express route is from Sealdah (SDAH) in West Bengal to Guwahati (GHY) in the state of Assam. The total distance that is run by this express train is 609 miles or 980 km.

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Central stations where the Kanchanjunga Express stops

The Kanchanjunga Express has 31 stops in total. Some of the major stations from where you can board this train Kamakhya Junction, Barpeta Road, New Alipurduar, New Jalpaiguri Junction, New Bongaigaon Junction, New Cooch Behar, Malda Town, Bardhaman Junction, Rangiya Junction, Bolpur Shantiniketan, Sealdah, and Guwahati.

Importance of the Kanchanjunga Express

The Kanchanjunga Express is a crucial train in the Sealdah-Guwahati route, only next to the Saraighat express in its popularity. Pilgrims and tourists love this train for its punctuality. The train has comfortable seating and sleeping arrangements for passengers. Catering facilities take care of the fact that passengers are given fresh and delicious meals. Pillows, blankets, and bed sheets are provided for the comfortability of the passengers. Cleanliness is maintained in toilets and coaches. Safety of the passengers is one of their top priorities. Traveling on this train will be an enjoyable experience for you.

15657 Kanchanjunga Express from Sealdah to Guwahati, Timetable, Schedule and Route

CodeStation NameArrivesDepartsPF
SDAHSealdah Starts06:359A,9B,9C
BWNBarddhaman Junction08:1608:2400:00
BHPBolpur Shantiniketan09:1409:1900:00
AMPAhmadpur Junction09:3709:3800:00
SNTSainthia Junction09:5209:5400:00
RPHRampurhat Junction10:3010:3200:00
NFKNew Farakka Junction12:4312:4500:00
MLDTMalda Town13:3513:5500:00
AZRAzamnagar Road15:0515:0700:00
BOEBarsoi Junction15:2815:3000:00
AUBAluabari Road Junction16:4716:4900:00
NJPNew Jalpaiguri Junction18:1518:3000:00
JPEJalpaiguri Road19:2519:2700:00
NCBNew Cooch Behar21:1521:20
NOQNew Alipurduar21:5021:55
GOGHGossaigaon Hat22:3622:38
FKMFakiragram Junction23:0023:02
NBQNew Bongaigaon Junction00:3000:4000:00
BPRDBarpeta Road01:2101:26
RNYRangiya Junction02:2002:30
KYQKamakhya Junction03:4003:45
GHYGuwahati04:00 Ends5

15658 Kanchanjunga Express from Guwahati to Sealdah, Timetable, Schedule and Route

Train CodeStation NameArrivesDepartsPlatform No.
KYQKamakhya Junction23:1023:1500:00
RNYRangiya Junction23:5500:0500:00
BPRDBarpeta Road00:5701:02
NBQNew Bongaigaon Junction02:1002:2000:00
FKMFakiragram Junction03:0003:02
GOGHGossaigaon Hat03:2303:25
NOQNew Alipurduar04:0804:1300:00
NCBNew Cooch Behar04:4504:5000:00
JPEJalpaiguri Road06:2506:2700:00
NJPNew Jalpaiguri Junction07:3507:5000:00
AUBAluabari Road Junction08:3208:3400:00
BOEBarsoi Junction10:0510:0700:00
AZRAzamnagar Road10:2810:3000:00
MLDTMalda Town12:1512:4000:00
NFKNew Farakka Junction13:1413:1600:00
RPHRampurhat Junction15:0215:0400:00
SNTSainthia Junction15:3615:3800:00
AMPAhmadpur Junction15:5115:5300:00
BHPBolpur Shantiniketan16:1116:162
BWNBarddhaman Junction17:1817:235
SDAHSealdah19:25 Ends9C

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15657/15658 Kanchanjunga Express Fare Information

Base Fare16641141435
Reservation Charges504020
Superfast charges000
Fuel Charges000
Other Charges000
Catering Charges000
Dynamic Fare000
Total Fare18001240455

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