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About Paschim Express

The Paschim Express train number when it carries passengers from Bandra Terminus to Amritsar is 12925. The Paschim Express train number that you board from Amritsar is 12926. It is one of the super fast trains under the Indian Railways. The Paschim Express is administered by the Western Railways. The train has been serving Indians for many years, since 24th December 1956.

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The Paschim Express train speed

The Paschim Express speed is 60.48 km per hour when it travels from Bandra Terminus to Amritsar. It is the average speed of the train, with halts. The maximum speed that the train can reach is 110 km per hour or 68 miles per hour. The train takes 31 hours and 45 minutes to reach from its source to its destination. The Paschim Express speed when it runs as 12926 Paschim Express is 62.54 km per hour. It takes 30 hours and 35 minutes to reach from Amritsar to Bandra Terminus.

The Paschim Express train route

The Paschim Express route is from Bandra Terminus to Amritsar. The train halts 38 times in between the first station and the second station. The total distance (via train) from Amritsar to Mumbai is 1,821 km or 1,132 miles.

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Important stations in the route of the Paschim Express

Some of the major stations where the Paschim Express stops are Beas, Surat, New Delhi, Ambala Cantt Junction, Vadodara Junction, Kota Junction, Ludhiana Junction, Gangapur City, Kurukshetra Junction, Sonipat and Ratlam Junction.

Advantages of traveling in the Paschim Express

There are multiple advantages of travelling in the Paschim Express. It is one of the most important trains in the Amritsar- Mumbai route. Pantry car is attached to the train, taking care of the fact that travellers are supplied fresh and sumptuous meals from time to time. E-boarding and on boarding facilities are also there. Just to make sure that the passengers can rest peacefully, clean blankets, bed sheets, and pillow covers are given. You can book your ticket for the Paschim Express from Meramaal beforehand for the ticket to be confirmed.

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12925 Coach

Facts that you need to know

  • Another name of the Paschim Express is Paschim Super Deluxe Express.
  • It is significant as it was one of the earliest trains that were transferred from Mumbai Central to Bandra Terminus.
  • When the Paschim Express operates with the number 12926, it does not have a stop at the Hazrat Nizamuddin station.

12925/12926 Paschim Express Fare Information

Base Fare429824811681650
Reservation Charges60504020
Super fast charges75454530
Fuel Charges0000
Other Charges0000
Catering Charges0000
Dynamic Fare0000
Total Fare465527051855700
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12926 Coach

12925 Paschim Express from Bandra Terminus to Amritsar, Timetable, Schedule and Route

Train CodeStation NameArrivesDepartsPlatform No.
BDTSBandra TerminusStarts12:001
DRDDahanu Road13:5013:521
BHBharuch Junction17:0417:063
BRCVadodara Junction18:0318:136
GDAGodhra Junction19:1819:202
RTMRatlam Junction22:2022:305
NADNagda Junction23:2323:251
RMARamganj Mandi Junction01:0801:102
KOTAKota Junction02:1002:151
SWMSawai Madhopur Junction03:4803:501
GGCGangapur City04:4004:421
HANHindaun City05:1305:152
BXNBayana Junction05:4805:501
BTEBharatpur Junction06:2006:224
MTJMathura Junction07:4507:503
NZMHazrat Nizamuddin10:0310:053
NDLSNew Delhi10:4011:055
SZMSabzi Mandi11:1911:211
SNPSonipat Junction11:5011:522
PNPPanipat Junction12:2512:273
KKDEKurukshetra Junction13:1813:201
UMBAmbala Cantt. Junction14:4014:557
UBCAmbala City15:0715:093
SIRSirhind Junction15:4215:441
LDHLudhiana Junction16:4716:522
PGWPhagwara Junction17:1917:212
JRCJalandhar Cantt. Junction17:3717:391
JUCJalandhar City Junction17:5317:581
BEASBeas Junction18:3018:321
ASRAmritsar Junction19:20 Ends2,3

12926 Paschim Express from Amritsar to Bandra Terminus, Timetable, Schedule and Route

Train CodeStation NameArrivesDepartsPlatform No.
ASRAmritsar JunctionStarts08:101
BEASBeas Junction08:3808:402
JUCJalandhar City Junction09:1509:202
JRCJalandhar Cantt. Junction09:2809:302
PGWPhagwara Junction09:4309:451
LDHLudhiana Junction10:2510:351
SIRSirhind Junction11:3311:352,3
UBCAmbala City12:1012:121
UMBAmbala Cantt. Junction12:3513:056
KKDEKurukshetra Junction13:3813:402
PNPPanipat Junction14:3614:381
SNPSonipat Junction15:1615:181
SZMSabzi Mandi15:5415:562
NDLSNew Delhi16:2516:455
MTJMathura Junction19:1019:153
BTEBharatpur Junction19:4019:423
BXNBayana Junction20:1120:132
HANHindaun City20:3620:381
GGCGangapur City21:1321:152
SWMSawai Madhopur Junction22:0022:052
KOTAKota Junction23:3023:402
RMARamganj Mandi Junction00:3300:351
NADNagda Junction03:1803:203
RTMRatlam Junction04:0004:104
GDAGodhra Junction07:1607:181
BRCVadodara Junction08:1608:262
BHBharuch Junction09:1609:184
DRDDahanu Road12:3212:342
BDTSBandra Terminus14:45 Ends4

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