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About Ajmer to Jaipur trains

The distance between Jaipur and Ajmer is 135 kilometres. Due to excellent train connectivity, you can effortlessly travel from Ajmer to Jaipur. Multiple trains connect these two major cities of Rajasthan. Every day, total 7 trains are available if you want to travel in between these two cities. So, all total 49 trains connect these cities in a week. Among all these 49 trains running between Jaipur and Ajmer, 15 of them start their journey in Ajmer and end the trip in Jaipur. The remaining 41 trains pass through Ajmer and arrive at Jaipur.

The best trains in the Ajmer to Jaipur route

Here is a list of the best trains for you in the Ajmer to Jaipur route:

Ahmedabad Junction Delhi S Rohilla Premium – The Ahmedabad Junction Delhi S Rohilla Premium route is from Ahmedabad to Jaipur. It takes the shortest time of 1 hour and 40 minutes to reach from Ajmer to Jaipur. The train leaves from Ajmer at 23:50 and arrives at Jaipur at 1:30. It is not a direct train from Ajmer to Jaipur, but an excellent one. The Ahmedabad Junction Delhi S Rohilla Premium train number is 09417.

Ajmer- Sealdah Express The Ajmer-Sealdah Express train number is 12988 when it travels from Ajmer to Jaipur. The train started its maiden voyage in the year 2008, on 12th September. The Ajmer-Sealdah Express speed is 60.26 km per hour or 37 miles per hour, on an average. Ajmer-Sealdah route is from Ajmer in Rajasthan to Sealdah in West Bengal via Jaipur. The train starts its journey from the Ajmer Junction at 12:50 and arrives at Jaipur at 14:45.

Dayodaya Express The train commences its journey from the Ajmer station at 15:30 and you will be in Jaipur at 17:25. The Dayodaya Express speed is 58.50 km per hour. The Dayodaya Express train number is 12182.

Ajmer Shatabdi The Ajmer Shatabdi starts its journey at 15:45 from the Ajmer Junction and enters the Jaipur station at 17:45. The Ajmer Shatabdi train number is 12016.

All of these trains will take you to Jaipur very quickly from Ajmer. The trains are known for their punctuality and all the necessary facilities that you expect in any express train. If you book tatkal tickets, it will cost you more. So, it will be better if you book your tickets in advance. Travelling in any one of these trains will make your journey a comfortable one. Now you can also book your ticket for the Ajmer to Jaipur from Meramaal and enjoy a hassle-free and quick experience of booking the ticket.

Trains from Ajmer to Jaipur

Train No.Train NameType of TrainFrom AjmerAjmer Platform No.Departure TimeTo JaipurJaipur Platform No.
12957Swarna Jayanti Rajdhani ExpressRajAII101:00JP1
15270Ahmedabad – Muzaffarpur JanSadExpAII201:40JP00:00
19565Uttaranchal Express (PT)ExpAII101:40JP00:00
19579Rajkot – Delhi Sarai RohillaExpAII2,301:40JP00:00
59272-SlipBhavnagar – Delhi Sarai RohillExpAII2,301:40JP00:00
12548Ahmedabad – Agra Fort SF ExpressSFAII202:10JP00:00
12915Ashram SF Express (PT)SFAII102:30JP00:00
12720Hyderabad – Jaipur SF ExpressSFAII503:15JP*00:00
17020Hyderabad – Jaipur Weekly ExpExpAII303:15JP*00:00
2731Hyderabad – Jaipur Special FarExpAII203:20JP*00:00
19666Udaipur City – Khajuraho ExpressExpAII103:40JP00:00
82653Yesvantpur – Jaipur Suvidha ExpSvdAII404:30JP*4,5
9301Indore – Delhi Sarai Rohilla SExpAII204:48JP00:00
22985Rajasthan Humsafar ExpressHmsAII304:55JP00:00
12216Mumbai Bandra (T.) – Delhi SarGRAII205:00JP00:00
19415Ahmedabad – Shri Mata VaishnoExpAII205:25JP00:00
22987Ajmer – Agra Fort SF ExpressSFAII*006:00JP00:00
14312Ala Hazrat Express (via AhmedabadExpAII206:10JP00:00
14322Ala Hazrat Express (via BhildiExpAII206:10JP1
12316Ananya ExpressSFAII106:30JP4
9621Ajmer – Bandra Terminus SpecialSFAII*106:30JP4
19601Udaipur City – New Jalpaiguri …ExpAII106:30JP1
19407Ahmedabad – Varanasi Weekly Ex…ExpAII106:30JP1
59307Indore – Jaipur Link ExpressExpAII506:55JP*00:00
19712Bhopal – Jaipur Express (PT)ExpAII00:0006:55JP*00:00
12978Marusagar SF Express (PT)SFAII*00:0007:40JP00:00
19263Porbandar – Delhi Sarai Rohill…ExpAII00:0011:05JP00:00
15716Ajmer – Kishanganj Garib NawazExpAII*00:0011:05JP00:00
19269Porbandar – Muzaffarpur ExpressExpAII00:0011:05JP00:00
12991Udaipur City – Jaipur IntercitySFAII00:0011:30JP*00:00
11203Nagpur – Jaipur Weekly ExpressExpAII00:0011:55JP*00:00
15013Ranikhet ExpressExpAII00:0012:10JP00:00
15013-SlipCorbett Park Link ExpressExpAII00:0012:10JP00:00
12988Ajmer – Sealdah SF Express (PT)SFAII*2,412:50JP00:00
19573Okha – Jaipur (Weekly) ExpressExpAII1,213:15JP*00:00
12413Pooja SF ExpressSFAII*00:0014:05JP00:00
12196Ajmer – Agra Fort InterCity SFSFAII*00:0015:00JP00:00
12182Dayodaya ExpressSFAII*00:0015:30JP00:00
12016Ajmer – New Delhi Shatabdi ExpShtbAII*00:0015:45JP00:00
19403Ahmedabad – Sultanpur ExpressExpAII00:0016:05JP00:00
19707Aravali Express (PT)ExpAII00:0016:35JP*00:00
19611Ajmer – Amritsar ExpressExpAII*00:0017:55JP00:00
12983Ajmer – Chandigarh Garib RathGRAII*00:0017:55JP00:00
19613Ajmer – Amritsar Express ExpAII*00:0017:55JP00:00
54805Ahmedabad – Jaipur PassengerPassAII00:0018:15JP*4,5
18632Ajmer – Ranchi Garib Nawaz ExpExpAII*00:0019:30JP00:00
18208Ajmer – Durg Weekly ExpressExpAII*00:0019:30JP00:00
19609Udaipur – Haridwar ExpressExpAII00:0019:50JP00:00
14971Udaipur – Jammu Tawi Garib RathGRAII2,319:50JP00:00
9722Udaipur City – Jaipur SFSFAII00:0020:05JP*4
19031Yoga ExpressExpAII00:0020:50JP1
19409Ahmedabad – Gorakhpur ExpressExpAII00:0021:10JP1
19401Ahmedabad – Lucknow ExpressExpAII121:10JP1
19724Mumbai Bandra Terminus – JaipurSFAII223:25JP*3
19413Ahmedabad – Delhi Sarai RohillACSFAII023:45JP0
12396Ziyarat ExpressSFAII*523:55JP5

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Ajmer to Jaipur trains Fare Information

  • For Third AC Tier (3A) the Ajmer to Jaipur trains Fare is about Rs. 495 to Rs. 615
  • For Second AC Tier (2A) the Ajmer to Jaipur trains Fare is about Rs. 495 to Rs. 615
  • For First AC Tier (1A) the Ajmer to Jaipur trains Fare is about Rs. 1165 to Rs. 1445
  • For Sleeper Class (SL) the Ajmer to Jaipur trains Fare is about Rs. 140 to Rs. 170
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