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About Gitanjali Express

The Gitanjali Express is a train that runs every day between two metro cities in India- Mumbai which is in Maharashtra and Kolkata which is in West Bengal. The East Coast Railway is the current operator of the Gitanjali Express.

12859 Gitanjali Express-Howrah to mumbai
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The Gitanjali express train number is 12859 when it carries passengers from Mumbai to Howrah. The Gitanjali Express train number when it travels from Howrah to Mumbai is 12860.

The train’s maiden voyage took place in the year 1977, on 26th December.

The Gitanjali Express train speed

The Gitanjali Express speed is 65 km per hour. It is the average speed of the train. The maximum speed that the train can attain is 110 km per hour.

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12859 Coach

The average time of journey for the 12859 Gitanjali Express is 30 hours and 30 minutes. The average time taken by the 12860 Gitanjali Express is 31 hours and 30 minutes.

Timings of the Gitanjali Express

The Gitanjali Express, train number 12859 leaves Mumbai station at 6:00 am and arrives at Howrah station on the next noon, at 12:30. The 12860 Gitanjali Express commences its journey from Howrah Junction at 1:50 pm and on the following day, at 9:20 pm, you will reach the seaside city, Mumbai.

The Gitanjali Express train route

The Gitanjali Express route is from Mumbai CST to Howrah Junction. The distance that the train requires to travel to reach Mumbai from Howrah is 1,968 kilometres or 1,223 miles.

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Major stations in the route of the Gitanjali Express

The Gitanjali Express is a long route train. So, it travels through many stations. Some of the central stations from where you can board this train are Dadar, Nasik Road, Santragachi, Kharagpur, Gondia, Akola, Kalyan, Bilaspur, Raipur, Rourkela, Durg, Tatanagar, Badnera, Malkapur, Wardha, Bhusaval, and Jharsuguda.

What are the advantages of traveling in the Gitanjali Express?

Among the trains that connect the West to the East, the Gitanjali Express is one of the most important trains. In the Mumbai-Howrah route, the Gitanjali Express’s priority is right on top. The train provides its passengers with all the necessary facilities that you expect to receive in any super fast train. There are AC, General, and Sleeper coaches. Paid catering services take care of the fact that passengers are given fresh and delicious meals on time. Charging points are there if you want to charge your laptops and mobiles. Throughout the journey, you can see beautiful landscapes from its windows.

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12859 Gitanjali Express from Mumbai CST to Howrah Junction, Timetable, Schedule and Route

Train CodeStation NameArrivesDepartsPlatform No.
CSMTChhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus06:00
DRDadar Central06:1306:155
KYNKalyan Junction06:5206:554
NKNasik Road09:2809:302
JLJalgaon Junction11:5812:003
BSLBhusaval Junction12:4012:504,6
AKAkola Junction14:4014:452
BDBadnera Junction16:1016:152
WRWardha Junction17:1917:221
NGPNagpur Junction18:5519:051
BRDBhandara Road19:4919:511
GGondia Junction20:4620:484
RJNRaj Nandgaon22:0322:051
DURGDurg Junction22:4522:503
RRaipur Junction23:2523:353
BSPBilaspur Junction01:1501:301
JSGJharsuguda Junction04:2504:271
ROURourkela Junction05:4205:494
TATATatanagar Junction08:0508:254
KGPKharagpur Junction10:2010:255
SRCSantragachi Junction11:4911:504,5
HWHHowrah Junction12:30 Ends18,22

12860 Gitanjali Express from Howrah Junction to Mumbai CST, Timetable, Schedule and Route

Train CodeStation NameArrivesDepartsPlatform No.
HWHHowrah JunctionStarts13:5021
KGPKharagpur Junction15:3015:353
TATATatanagar Junction17:2517:323
ROURourkela Junction19:5020:051
JSGJharsuguda Junction21:4121:431
BSPBilaspur Junction00:3000:453
RRaipur Junction02:1502:251
DURGDurg Junction03:2003:252
RJNRaj Nandgaon03:4603:482
GGondia Junction05:1305:153
BRDBhandara Road06:0006:022
NGPNagpur Junction07:2007:303
WRWardha Junction08:3208:353
BDBadnera Junction10:0710:101
AKAkola Junction11:1011:151
BSLBhusaval Junction13:1013:203
JLJalgaon Junction13:4313:452
NKNasik Road16:2016:253
KYNKalyan Junction20:0220:055
DRDadar Central20:4720:506
CSTMMumbai CSM Terminus21:20 Ends18

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12859/12860 Gitanjali Express Fare Information

Base Fare26241777690
Reservation Charges504020
Super fast charges454530
Fuel Charges000
Other Charges000
Catering Charges000
Dynamic Fare000
Total Fare28551955740

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