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About Sampark Kranti Express

The Sampark Kranti Express is a super fast train series that carries passengers quickly to New Delhi, the national capital of India, from other parts of the country.

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History of the Sampark Kranti Express

The two words Sampark and Kranti owe their origin to Sanskrit. Sampark stands for ‘contact,’ and Kranti denotes ‘revolution.’ The name signifies the initiative taken by the Indian Railways to introduce high-speed trains that carry people to Delhi from other big Indian cities, with fantastic speed and few stops. In the Railway Budget of 2004-2005, Nitish Kumar, the former Railway Minister of India, declared the launch of these trains.

The train started its service for the first time in 2004, on 8th February as the Karnataka Sampark Kranti Express than ran from Hazrat Nizamuddin in Delhi to the station of Yesvantpur.

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List of Sampark Kranti Express trains

There are 24 Sampark Kranti Express trains providing service in India. Some of the Sampark Kranti Express trains are:

Andhra Pradesh Sampark Kranti Express: The Andhra Pradesh Sampark Kranti Express train number is 12707/12708. The average speed of this train is 63 km per hour, and it takes 36 hours and 15 minutes to take passengers from Andhra Pradesh to Delhi.

Goa Sampark Kranti Express: The Goa Sampark Kranti Express route is from Chandigarh via Hazrat Nizamuddin to Goa’s Margao. The train is famous on this route. Some of its major halting stations are Kota, Vadodara, Panipat and New Delhi.

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Bihar Sampark Kranti Express: The Bihar Sampark Kranti Express route is from Darbhanga Junction to New Delhi. The Bihar Sampark Kranti Express speed is 55.86 km per hour or 35 miles per hour.

Kerala Sampark Kranti Express: The Kerala Sampark Kranti Express train number is 12217/12218.  The Kerala Sampark Kranti Express speed is 63 km per hour or 39 miles per hour. It started its first service in 2005, on 13th July. The train travels from Chandigarh to Kochuveli railway station via Delhi.

Advantages of traveling in the Sampark Kranti Express

The Sampark Kranti Express trains were launched with the aim to decrease the time of travel for passengers without compromising the comfort while travelling. The complete train is air-conditioned to give a comfortable travel experience to passengers. They provide all necessary facilities that you expect in any superior train in the country. There are sleeping and seating arrangements. Toilets are clean, and charging points are available for charging laptops and phones. Pantry car services provide fresh food on time.

Sampark Kranti Express (24 Trains) Up and Down, Timetable, Schedule and Route

Train No.Name of TrainType of TrainZoneFromDeparture TimeToArrival Time
12707Andhra Pradesh SamparkSKrSCRTPTY05:40NZM18:00
12708Andhra Pradesh SamparkSKrSCRNZM07:10TPTY21:35
12565Bihar Sampark KrantiSKrECRDBG08:35NDLS05:30
12566Bihar Sampark KrantiSKrECRNDLS14:15DBG11:15
12823Chhattisgarh SamparkSKrSECRDURG12:00NZM09:05
12824Chhattisgarh SamparkSKrSECRNZM17:25DURG15:10
12449Goa Sampark Kranti ExpSKrNRMAO11:20CDG23:45
12450Goa Sampark Kranti ExpSKrNRCDG02:05MAO14:45
12917Gujarat Sampark Kranti ExpSKrWRADI17:05NZM10:40
12918Gujarat Sampark KrantiSKrWRNZM13:55ADI06:10
12825Jharkhand SamparkSKrSERRNC23:45NDLS20:55
12826Jharkhand SamparkSKrSERNDLS06:55RNC04:55
12629Karnataka Sampark SKrSWRYPR13:45NZM13:00
12630Karnataka SamparkSKrSWRNZM08:45YPR06:20
12649Karnataka Sampark SKrSWRYPR22:00NZM09:15
12650Karnataka SamparkSKrSWRNZM06:25YPR19:35
12121Madhya Pradesh SamparkSKrWCRJBP19:10NZM09:05
12122Madhya Pradesh SamparkSKrWCRNZM17:25JBP07:45
12907Maharashtra SamparkSKrWRBDTS16:35NZM13:45
12908Maharashtra Sampark SKrWRNZM21:35BDTS16:35
12501Poorvottar SamparkSKrNFRGHY06:15NDLS13:00
12502Poorvottar Sampark SKrNFRNDLS23:45GHY08:45
12463Rajasthan Sampark SKrNWRDEE22:25JU08:35
12464Rajasthan SamparkSKrNWRJU19:00DEE05:40
12651Tamil Nadu SamparkSKrSRMDU00:30NZM18:00
12652Tamil Nadu SamparkSKrSRNZM07:10MDU03:25
12329West Bengal SamparkSKrERSDAH13:10ANVT11:50
12330West Bengal SamparkSKrERANVT19:10SDAH17:25
15035Uttaranchal SamparkSKrNERDLI16:00KGM22:45
15036Uttaranchal Sampark SKrNERKGM08:45DLI15:25
12446Uttar Sampark KrantiSKrNRSVDK19:00NDLS06:45
12445Uttar Sampark KrantiSKrNRNDLS20:50SVDK08:40
12820Odisha Sampark KrantiSKrECoRANVT07:05BBS12:20
12819Odisha Sampark KrantiSKrECoRBBS15:50ANVT20:50
12448Uttar Pradesh SamparkSKrNRNZM20:10MKP08:35
12447Uttar Pradesh SamparkSKrNRMKP17:05NZM05:25
25036Uttarakhand SamparkSKrNERRMR09:50DLI15:25
22464Rajasthan SamparkSKrNWRBKN17:05DEE05:40
22447Uttar Pradesh SamparkSKrNRKURJ18:20NZM05:25
12463-SlipRajasthan SamparkSKrNWRDEE22:25BKN10:30
15035-SlipUttarakhand SamparkSKrNERDLI16:00RMR20:45
12448-slipUttar Pradesh SamparkSKrNRNZM20:10KURJ06:35
12218Kerala Sampark KrantiSKrNRCDG09:30KCVL14:45
12217Kerala Sampark KrantiSKrNRKCVL09:20CDG15:45
22686Chandigarh – YesvantpurSKrSWRCDG03:25YPR06:20
22685Yesvantpur – ChandigarhSKrSWRYPR13:45CDG18:20
15602Poorvottar SamparkSKrNFRNDLS23:45SCL20:45
15601Poorvottar SamparkSKrNFRSCL18:30NDLS13:00

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Sampark Kranti Express Fare Details

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