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How Can You Apply For a Short Validity Indian Passport?

An Indian passport is a very important official document that lets holders travel to foreign countries. The Government of India issues it to an Indian citizen, and it is a proof that the person holding the passport is from India. It serves as an address proof, identity proof and official travel document. Generally, passports are issued for a 10-year period. Passports are also issued for minors until they become 18 years old, following which an application for a new passport must be made.

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Short Validity Indian Passport – What is it?

It is a passport issued only for a short while, generally as a temporary arrangement. These are only issued in the following situations:

In case of students:

These are issued to students when they have to travel abroad to sit for an international test, such as TOEFL or SAT.

It can be issued in case of an urgent circumstance and when the applicant cannot apply via standard means as they would have to wait for long for the processing of their passport.

If an urgent application is made, the processing of the form will be done in the Tatkaal Scheme. The application will be submitted with a verification certificate and proof of urgency, according to regulations.

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For criminals:

If the person applying has a pending criminal case against his / her name, and wants to travel abroad, he can make a Short Validity Passport application. The passport, however, will be issued on condition that the court with the pending case grants a written permission. In these cases, the passport is only issued for a year, based on court permission.

Passport Not Delivered:

If an applicant does not get the passport due to its loss during transit, he / she can make an application for a Short Validity Passport. Later, when some formalities are completed, the short validity will be extended to a full term of 10 years.

Non Resident Indians

Indians living in overseas countries and planning to come for a short while to India for travel purposes can also apply for this type of passport. In these cases, there is instant approval of the passport. The validity of the passport is 1 year from the date when it is issued.

The Indian Government will issue a passport when specific documents are submitted and a return ticket to the foreign country of residence is shown.

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What are the Documents to Show for Short Validity Passport Approval?

Any 3 of the following 18 documents in the list should be submitted:

  1. Voter ID card
  2. Aadhaar card
  3. PAN card
  4. Gas connection proof
  5. Water bill
  6. Telephone bill
  7. Railway identity card
  8. Municipal birth certificate
  9. Freedom fighter identity card
  10. Arms license
  11. SC/ST/OBC certificate
  12. Income Tax assessment order
  13. Bank account passbook
  14. Pension document, like old age pension order, widow pension order etc
  15. Passport copy of parents (for minor applicants)
  16. 1st and last page of passport copy of spouse
  17. Registered copy of Rent agreement
  18. Photo ID cards issued by public limited companies, PSU, Central / State Government

How to Apply for Short Validity Passport?

For India-based applicants:

  • Log on to the website of India Passport Seva Kendra. Unless already registered there, register at the website as a new user.
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  • Choose the passport type and submission date (choose Tatkal).
  • Fill the passport application form, submit it and pay the fee for processing.
  • Book a Tatkaal application appointment. Take the necessary documents along and visit the Seva center at the scheduled time.
  • When the documents are analyzed and verified with success, there will be an issuance of passport in just 1 to 3 business days. Personally collect it from the same centre.

Submit Passport Application at PSK

For overseas applicants:

  • Follow the same process mention above to the Indian Consulate in your foreign nation of residence. Submit the documents and forms personally.
  • The passport will be issued when you pay the processing fee and the application is verified.
  • Collect the passport personally from the allocated centre or the Consulate.

What is the Fee Structure for Short Validity Passport?

  • For Normal Category of Applying Short Validity Passport (SVP) the Fee Payment is about Rs. 1000
  • For Tatkal Category of Applying Short Validity Passport (SVP) the Fee Payment is about Rs. 3000 (or) €40 (or) $50

What is the Validity Period for Short Validity Passport (SVP)?

Normally the validity period for Short Validity Passport (SVP) is 1 Year  but, depending upon the situations and the type of Application of Short Validity Passport (SVP) the validity period can be increased to 1 Year – 5 Years.

When to Renewal for Short Validity Passport (SVP)?

Short Validity Passport (SVP) can be renewed for a maximum time period of 10 Years and it is renewed at the consideration of Assistant Passport Officer.

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