Guntur to Secunderabad Trains

Guntur to Secunderabad Trains

About Guntur to Secunderabad to Trains

There are many trains in between Guntur and Secunderabad, these two cities connects with a distance of 243 Kilometres, by train 384 Kilometres. You can travel on daily basis  (or) weekly basis where trains will be available. Because of efficient rail connectivity travelling from Guntur (GNT) to Secunderabad (SC) is simple and easy.

Guntur (GNT) to Secundderabad (SC) Trains Fare

  • For Sleeper Class (SL) the Guntur (GNT) to Secunderabad (SC) Trains Fare is about Rs. 190 to Rs. 225
  • For Third Class AC (3A) the Guntur (GNT) to Secunderabad (SC) Trains Fare is about Rs. 445 to Rs. 540
  • For Second Class AC (2A) the Guntur (GNT) to Secunderabad (SC) Trains Fare is about Rs. 700 to Rs. 745
  • For First Class AC (1A) the Guntur (GNT) to Secunderabad (SC) Trains Fare is about Rs. 1165 to Rs. 1145
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Trains from Guntur to Secunderabad

Train No.Train NameType of TrainFrom GunturGuntur Platform No.Departure TimeTo SecundrPFArr
17626Repalle – Secunderabad (Delta)ExpGNT000:10SC*306:55
12759Charminar SF Express (PT)SFTEL400:15SC7,807:15
12603Chennai Central – Hyderabad SFSFGNT100:15SC805:15
22203Visakhapatnam – SecunderabadDrntBZA000:55SC*206:15
12733Narayanadri SF Express (PT)SFGNT401:05SC*806:25
12775Cocanada AC ExpressACSFBZA401:15SC506:45
12783Visakhapatnam – SecunderabadACSFBZA001:30SC*607:40
17015Visakha ExpressExpGNT101:35SC*207:30
17150Guwahati – Secunderabad SpecialExpGNT002:00SC*009:15
12739Visakhapatnam – Secunderabad Garib RathGRBZA602:25SC*0908:10
20811Visakhapatnam – Hazur SahibSFBZA402:50SC509:00
20809Nagavali ExpressSFBZA002:50SC1009:00
12703Falaknuma SF Express (PT)SFGNT104:10SC*2,609:05
18501Visakhapatnam – SecunderabadExpBZA005:00SC*012:00
57326Guntur – Kacheguda PassengerPassGNT*305:15KCG*3,423:15
11020Konark Express (PT)ExpBZA705:20SC1011:30
12747Palnadu SF ExpressSFGNT*305:45SC610:35
17201Golconda ExpressExpGNT*4,506:00SC*2,313:45
12713Satavahana SF ExpressSFBZA*1006:25SC*0611:55
18519Visakhapatnam – Mumbai LTT ExpExpBZA506:55SC1,1012:50
17229Sabari Express (PT)ExpGNT107:20SC912:15
17116Kochuveli – Hyderabad SpecialExpGNT608:15SC913:20
22849Shalimar – Secunderabad SF ExpSFBZA008:25SC*514:25
17204Kakinada Port – Bhavnagar ExpExpGNT009:00SC214:35
57652Repalle – Secunderabad PassengerPassGNT00:0009:20SC*317:00
17208Vijayawada – Sainagar ShirdiExpBZA*00:0010:30SC616:25
17206Kakinada Port – Sainagar ShirdiExpBZA00:0010:30SC616:25
18645East Coast Express (PT)ExpBZA00:0011:15SC517:10
17405Krishna ExpressExpTEL00:0011:50SC620:40
22882Bhubaneswar – Pune SuperfastSFGNT00:0011:50SC517:40
12773Shalimar – Secunderabad AC SFACSFBZA00:0012:05SC*918:30
12805Janmabhoomi ExpressSFGNT00:0013:25SC*218:45
17417Tirupati – Nagarsol (via Guntur)ExpGNT??13:50SC020:15
17221Kakinada Port – Lokmanya TilakExpGNT00:0014:00SC220:15
17213Narasapur – Nagarsol ExpBZA00:0014:05SC5,920:10
12705Guntur – Secunderabad SF InterSFGNT*00:0015:00SC*0921:50
17231Narsapur – Nagarsol (Via Guntur)ExpGNT00:0015:00SC5,621:20
18503Visakhapatnam – Sainagar Shird…ExpBZA00:0015:20SC921:20
18111Tatanagar – Yesvantpur Weekly …ExpBZA00:0015:45SC822:20
17118Ernakulam Jn. – Hyderabad SpecialExpGNT00:0016:05SC822:20
57306Guntur – Kacheguda PassengerPassGNT*00:0017:30KCG*4,509:45
12795Vijayawada – Secunderabad Inte…SFGNT00:0018:17SC*022:50
7758Vijayawada – Secunderabad SFSFGNT00:0018:20SC*122:50
17608Tirupati – Hazur Sahib Nanded …ExpTEL00:0020:57SC??04:30
12514Guwahati – Secunderabad SF Exp…SFBZA00:0021:55SC*104:00
12709Simhapuri SF ExpressSFTEL00:0022:05SC*305:40
12763Padmavati SF Express (PT)SFTEL00:0022:08SC*505:50
07146Tirupati – Kacheguda SpecialExpTEL00:0022:08KCG*106:30
12749Machilipatnam – Bidar SF ExpSFBZA00:0022:45SC204:35
07426Kakinada Port – Kacheguda SpeExpGNT00:0023:05MJF204:25
07439Tatanagar – Kacheguda SpecialExpGNT00:0023:05MJF204:20
12737Gowthami SF Express (PT)SFBZA00:0023:20SC505:20
17255Narasapur – Hyderabad ExpressExpGNT123:30SC804:55
12727Godavari SF ExpressSFBZA723:55SC905:45

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