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About Telangana Express

The Telangana Express is an excellent super fast train in India. Its current operators are the South Central Railways, and the train connects the two big cities of Secunderabad and Sirpur Kagaznagar. Telangana Express ran for the first time 42 years ago, that was, in 1976, on 3rd October.

Telangana Express train number is 17035/17036. The train carries thousands of passengers from Secunderabad to Sirpur Kagaznagar every day. The Secunderabad to Sirpur Kagaznagar  is one of the busiest rail routes in our country. The track gauge of Telangana Express is 1,676 mm.

The average speed of the Telangana Express

As the Telangana Express is a super fast train, it maintains an excellent average speed throughout its journey. The train moves at an average speed of 52 km in one hour. So, the Telangana Express speed is quite impressive. When the Telangana Express runs from Secunderabad Junction railway station to Sirpur Kagaznagar railway station, it takes the time of 05 hours and 20 minutes.

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The route of Telangana Express Train

The Telangana Express starts its journey from the Secunderabad railway station. The total distance that is covered by this train is 313 kilometres. So, the Telangana Express route is from Secunderabad railway station to Sirpur Kagaznagar railway station. It stops in 12 stations in between Secunderabad and Sirpur Kagaznagar. Some of the stations where the Telangana Express halts are Bhongir, Aler, Jangaon, Ghanpur, Kazipet Junction etc.

Advantages of Travelling in the Telangana Express

The 17035 / 17036 Telangana Express provides all the facilities to its passengers that any good super fast train offers. The train is known for its punctuality. Therefore, your journey will be hassle-free. As the train runs every day, there is good availability of tickets.

17035 / 17036 Telangana Express Coaches

The classes of coaches that are available in the Telangana Express are AC two-tier, AC first class, AC three-tier, Pantry and Sleeper coaches and also unreserved seats. There are seating arrangements and sleeping arrangements. The catering facilities make sure that passengers are served fresh and hygienic food. The food is also served on time. Cleanliness is maintained in the washrooms and compartments. Travelling in the Telangana Express with your family will be a satisfying experience.

17035 / 17036 Telangana Express Fare Information

 ClassesAdultChildSenior Citizen (M)Senior Citizen (W)Tatkal
2SRs. 120Rs. 55Rs. 80Rs. 70Rs. 135
SLRs. 210Rs. 95Rs. 135Rs. 115Rs. 310
CCRs. 450Rs. 205Rs. 290Rs. 245Rs. 580
3ARs. 555Rs. 260Rs. 350Rs. 300Rs. 870
2ARs. 795Rs. 375Rs. 500Rs. 425Rs. 1,215
1ARs. 1,330Rs. 635Rs. 825Rs. 695Rs. 1,330
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17035 Telangana Express from Secunderabad to Sirpur Kagaznagar, Timetable, Schedule & Route

Station Name (Code)ArrivesDeparts
Secunderabad Jn (SC)Starts08:20
Bhongir (BG)08:5909:00
Aler (ALER)09:1909:20
Jangaon (ZN)09:2909:30
Ghanpur (GNP)09:5309:54
Kazipet Jn (KZJ)10:2310:25
Jamikunta (JMKT)10:5410:55
Odela (OEA)11:2411:25
Peddapalli (PDPL)11:3411:35
Ramgundam (RDM)11:4211:43
Mancheral (MCI)11:5511:56
Ravindrakhani (RVKH)12:0912:10
Belampalli (BPA)12:2112:22
Sirpur Kagaznagar (SKZR)13:45Ends

For details regarding to Train Between Stations of 17035/17036 Telangana Express Trains, PNR Status of 17035 Telangana Express, for Trains Cancelled/Rescheduled, to SpotUrTrain of 17036 Telangana Express,  to know the train Schedule of Telangana Express, IR Train Tracking visit National Train Enquiry System Official Website: https://enquiry.indianrail.gov.in

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17036 Telangana Express from Sirpur Kagaznagar to Secunderabad, Timetable, Schedule & Route

Station Name (Code)ArrivesDeparts
Sirpur Kagazngr (SKZR)Starts14:50
Belampalli (BPA)15:1415:15
Ravindrakhani (RVKH)15:2415:25
Ramgundam (RDM)15:2915:30
Peddapalli (PDPL)15:5415:55
Odela (OEA)16:1616:17
Jamikunta (JMKT)16:2416:25
Kazipet Jn (KZJ)17:3317:35
Ghanpur (GNP)17:4917:50
Jangaon (ZN)18:1418:15
Aler (ALER)18:2918:30
Bhongir (BG)19:0419:05
Secunderabad Junction (SC)20:20Ends

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