Dudh Sagar Waterfalls Railway Station

dudhsagar waterfall railway station

About Dudh Sagar Railway Station

Dudh Sagar Railway Station is also known as Dudh Sagar Waterfalls Railway Station, which is serving the Dudhsagar Falls, the station code of Dudh Sagar Waterfalls Railway Station is DWF. Dudh Sagar Waterfalls Railway Station is one of three in the Braganza Ghats. The elevation is about 274 Metres (or) 899 Feets and it is operated by the Hubli Railway division of South Western Railway Zone of Indian Railways. The railway line which is passing through Dudh Sagar Waterfalls Railway Station is Guntakal – Vasco da Gama section.

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Location of Dudh Sagar Waterfalls Railway Station

Dudh Sagar Waterfalls Railway Station is located at the border of Karnataka and Goa in the South Goa district of Goa, India which is a small railway station with beautiful scenery and contains 01 Platform with 02 tracks.

Interesting fact of Dudh Sagar Waterfalls Railway Station

Dudh Sagar Waterfalls Railway Station was became very popular and famous among the South Indian People because of the exposure of this Dudh Sagar Waterfalls in the Bollywood movie Chennai Express, an Action Comedy movie acted by Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone and was directed by Rohit Shetty.

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Trains from Dudh Sagar Waterfalls Railway Station

Train No.Train NameType of TrainZonePlatform No.From To
01663Dharwad – HabibganjExpWCRLDHBJ
11048Hubballi – Miraj ExpExpCRLDMRJ
12202Kochuveli – MumbaiGRSR1MAOLTT
12483Kochuveli – AmritsarSFNR1MAOASR
22659Kochuveli – DehradunSFSR1MAODDN
12217Kerala Sampark KrantSKrNR1MAOCDG
12619Matsyagandha ExpressSFSR1MAOMAQ
12201Mumbai LTT – KochuveGRSR1MAOKCVL
12284Hazrat NizamuddinDrntNR1MAOERS
22113Mumbai LTT – KochuveSFCR1MAOKCVL
12617Mangala LakshadweepSFSR1MAONZM
11196Mangaluru Jn. – MumbaiExpCRMAOLTT
11047Miraj – Hubballi ExpExpCRLDUBL
12780-SlipDelhi Hazrat NizamuddinSFSWRLDUBL
19261Kochuveli – PorbandaExpWR1MAOPBR
22476Coimbatore – BikanerACSFNWR2MAOBKN
22630Tirunelveli – MumbaiSFSR1MAODR
19577Tirunelveli – JamnagExpWR1MAOJAM
19331Kochuveli – IndoreExpWR2MAOINDB
17309Yesvantpur – Vasco da GamaExpSWR2QLMVSG
17316Velankanni – Vasco-Da-GamaExpSWR2QLMVSG
17419Tirupati – Vasco-Da-GamaExpSCRQLMVSG
17021Hyderabad – Vasco-Da-GamaExpSCRQLMVSG
12780Goa Express (PT)SFSWR2QLMVSG
16948Hubballi – Vasco Da-GamaExpSWR2QLMVSG
16346Netravati ExpressExpSR1MAOLTT
70105*Madgaon – Mangaluru DEMUKR3MAOMAQ
16516*Karwar – YesvantpurExpSWR1KAWRYPR
12223Mumbai LTT – ErnakulDrntCR1MAOERS
22150Pune – Ernakulam SFSFCR2MAOERS
11086*Madgaon – Mumbai LTTDDCR1MAOLTT
51406*Castle Rock – Miraj PassCRCLRMRJ
50108*Madgaon – SawantwadiPassKR3MAOSWV
56961*Kulem Vasco Da GamaPassSWR1QLMVSG
22629Dadar – TirunelveliSFSR1MAOTEN
56922Belagavi – HubballiPassSWRLDUBL
70102Karwar – Pernem DEMUDEMUKR3MAOPERN
12133Mumbai CSMT – MangalSFCR1,2MAOMAJN
16589Rani Chennamma ExpressExpSWR1LDKOP
16311Bikaner – KochuveliExpSR1MAOKCVL
16337Okha – Ernakulam ExpExpSR1MAOERS
16335Gandhidham – NagercoExpSR1MAONCJ
16333Veraval – ThiruvananthapuramExpSR1MAOTVC
19260Bhavnagar – KochuvelExpWR1MAOKCVL
12742Patna – Vasco ExpressSFSWR3MAOVSG
16506KSR Bengaluru – GandExpSWR1LDGIMB
16532KSR Bengaluru – AjmeExpSWR2LDAII
16508KSR Bengaluru – JodhExpSWR2LDJU
16210Mysuru – Ajmer ExpreExpSWR2LDAII
16534KSR Bengaluru – BhagExpSWR2LDJU

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