Chennai Central Railway Station

Chennai Central Railway Station

About Chennai Central Railway Station

Chennai Central Railway Station is also known as Madras Central Railway Station is the main train station in the Chennai City, Tamil Nadu State, India and also one of the important in the South India. It is connected between two railway stations of Moore Market Complex Railway Station and Chennai Park Railway Station and is beside to the railway of Chennai Egmore. All Northern Cities of Mumbai, New Delhi and Kolkata are connected by Chennai Central. It is operated by the South Central Railway Zone of Indian Railways and owned by Indian Government.

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Chennai Central Railway Station (1905)

Chennai Central Railway Station Location

Chennai Central Railway Station is located in EVR Periyar Salai, Park Town, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 600 – 003, India. The construction type of Chennai Central Railway Station is Romanesque Revival Architecture and parking facilities is also available. The station code of Chennai Central Railway Station is MSA

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History of Chennai Railway Station (MAS)

Chennai Central Railway Station is opened on 1873 (I.e, 145 Years Ago) and it is reconstructed in the year of 1959 (i.e., 59 years ago) for the 1st time again it is reconstructed in 1998 (i.e., 87 years ago) and the previous names of Chennai Central Railway Station is Madras and Southern Mahratta Railway.

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Chennai Central railway station (1870)

Trains from Chennai Central Railway Station

Train No.Train NameType of TrainZonePlatform No.FromTo
13351Dhanbad – AlappuzhaExpECR5MASALLP
18189Tatanagar – AlappuzhExpSER9MASALLP
12688Dehradun – MaduraiSFSR3MASMDU
22688Chandigarh – MaduraiSFSR3MASMDU
12508Silchar – ThiruvananthapuramSFNFR6MASTVC
16031*Andaman ExpressExpSR2MASSVDK
16093*Chennai Central – LUExpSR11MASLJN
12007*Chennai Central -MyShtbSR7MASMYS
12611*Chennai Central – HaGRSR1MASNZM
12675*Kovai SF ExpressSFSR10MASCBE
12433*Chennai Central – HaRajNR1MASNZM
16057*Sapthagiri ExpressExpSR7,11MASTPTY
12269*Chennai Central – HaDrntSR1,7,11MASNZM
12243*Chennai Central – CoShtbSR1,2AMASCBE
22625*Chennai Central – KSDDSR1,2,2AMASSBC
12077*Chennai Central – ViJShtbSR2MASBZA
12639*Brindavan Express*SFSR3MASSBC
22808*Chennai Central-Sa*ACSFSER1,7MASSRC
12842*Coromandel ExpressSFSER8,9MASHWH
16003*Chennai Central – Na*ExpSR1MASNSL
12656*Navjeevan SF Express*SFSR10MASADI
12687Madurai – DehradunSFSR6MASDDN
12687-SlipMadurai – ChandigarhSFSR1MASCDG
12970Jaipur – CoimbatoreSFNWR2MASCBE
22601*Chennai Central – Sa*SFSR1MASSNSI
22611*Chennai – New Jalpai*SFSRMASNJP
12552Kamakhya – YesvantpurACSFNFR9MASYPR
22637*West Coast SF Express*SFSR3MASMAQ
11042*Chennai Central – Mu*ExpCR9MASCSMT
56001*Chennai Central – Ar*PassSR11MASAJJ
12609*Chennai Central – KS*SFSWR8MASSBC
12296Sanghamitra SF ExpressSFSWR6MASSBC
12712*Pinakini SF Express*SFSCR8MASBZA
16053*Chennai Central – Ti*ExpSR6,7MASTPTY
12679*Chennai Central – Co*SFSR10MASCBE
22613*Sangrami SF Weekly E*SFSR11MASHLZ
12375*Chennai Central – As*SFER11MASASN
12577Bagmati ExpressSFECR5MASMYS
22351Patliputra – YesvanturSFECRMASYPR
22698*Chennai Central – Hu*SFSWR1MASUBL
17311*Chennai Central – Va*ExpSWR1MASVSG
12697*Chennai Central- Thi*SFSR5,6MASTVC
06058*Chennai Central – Sa*ExpSRMASSRC
01064*Chennai Central – Mu*ACExpCRMASCSMT
11074*Chennai Central – Mu*ExpCR4MASLTT
12695*Chennai Central – Th*SFSR3MASTVC
12607*Lalbagh Express*SFSWR8,9MASSBC
12295Sanghamitra SF ExpressSFSWR10MASDNR
57239*Chennai Central – Gu.*PassSCR5MASGDR

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