Vashi Railway Station

Vashi Railway Station

About Vashi Railway Station

Vashi Railway Station is a New Bombay railway station which is operated by Central Railway Zone of Indian Railways and the Vashi Railway Station code is “VA”.

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Location of Vashi Railway Station

Vashi Railway Station is located in S Pranavanandji Marg, Sector – 30, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400 703 which consists of 04 platforms with 04 tracks.

History of Vashi Railway Station

Vashi Railway Station is opened on 1992 with the structure type of Standard on-ground station

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Vashi Railway Station Lines

Vashi Railway Station Lines is on Harbour Line of the railway network of Mumbai Sub – Urban, Vashi Railway Station is the CST (Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus) and Thane Trains end point and across 75,000 people travel from Vashi Railway Station to Mumbai CST (Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus) and every day 32,000 people travel towards Panvel.

Trains from Vashi Railway Station

Train No.Train NameType of TrainZone
98237Mumbai CSMT – PanvelMumbCR
98236Panvel – Vadala RoadMumbCR
98303Mumbai CSMT – PanvelMumbCR
98005Panvel – Mumbai CSMTMumbCR
98239Mumbai CSMT – PanvelMumbCR
98002Mumbai CSMT – BelapurMumbCR
98241Mumbai CSMT – PanvelMumbCR
98301PL3 / Mumbai CSMT –MumbCR
98001Vadala Road – BelapurMumbCR
00:00Mumbai CSMT – PanvelMumbCR
98502*Vashi – Mumbai CSMT*MumbCR
98003Belapur CBD – MumbaiMumbCR
98504*Vashi – Mumbai CSMT*MumbCR
98304BR4 / Belapur CBD –MumbCR
98506*Vashi – Vadala Road*MumbCR
98004Panvel – Mumbai CSMTMumbCR
98508*Vashi – Mumbai CSMT*MumbCR
98306BR6 / Belapur CBDMumbCR
98510*Vashi – Mumbai CSMT*MumbCR
98006Panvel – Mumbai CSMTMumbCR
98512*Vashi – Vadala Road*MumbCR
98308BR8 / Belapur CBDMumbCR
98514*Vashi – Mumbai CSMT*MumbCR
98008Panvel – Mumbai CSMTMumbCR
98007Mumbai CSMT – PanvelMumbCR
98516*Vashi – Mumbai CSMT*MumbCR
99402*Vashi – Thane Slow L*MumbCR
98010Panvel – Mumbai CSMTMumbCR
98009Vadala Road – PanvelMumbCR
98518*Vashi – Mumbai CSMT*MumbCR
98011Mumbai CSMT – PanvelMumbCR
98012Panvel – Mumbai CSMTMumbCR
99404*Vashi – Thane Slow L*MumbCR
98013Mumbai CSMT – PanvelMumbCR
98310BR10 / Belapur CBDMumbCR
98520*Vashi – Vadala Road*MumbCR
99406*Vashi – Thane Slow*MumbCR
98014Panvel – Mumbai CSMTMumbCR
98015Mumbai CSMT – PanvelMumbCR
98312BR12 / Belapur CBDMumbCR
98017*Vashi – Panvel Slow*MumbCR
98522*Vashi – Mumbai CSMT*MumbCR
98019Mumbai CSMT – PanvelMumbCR
98016Panvel – Mumbai CSMTMumbCR
98021Vadala Road – PanvelMumbCR
98314BR14 / Belapur CBDMumbCR
98901Panvel – Andheri SloMumbCR
99408*Vashi – Thane Slow L*MumbCR
98023Mumbai CSMT – PanvelMumbCR
98018Panvel – Mumbai CSTMumbCR

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