Update Your Aadhar Card

Aadhaar Card Update

It’s Simple to Update Information of Your Aadhar Card

Launched in the year 2009, the main objective of aadhar program is to give a universal identity to every Indian citizen. However, when the process of enrolment started during that period it faced a lot of difficulties such as improper data collection, technological problems and more. Moreover, to people the importance of aadhar card was not clear. It was just another identity card for them and thus many people were not at all serious about Update Aadhar Card.

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With time Government of India has spread the message about what is it and why is it important. Now, even for opening bank account one will need their UID number. In order to reduce discrepancies in the LPG one needs this number and after providing this 12 digit number one can get the LPG subsidy directly deposited into their ban account. There are many more benefits and thus people are now more concern about their aadhar card update. They have understood that if they do not have this identity with proper information it is them who are going to face problem. In the meantime Government has also worked and developed the process enrolment and correction. By visiting their site www.uidai.gov.in it is possible to gather various information.

Why is Update Aadhar Card important?

When the process started Aadhar enrolment didn’t asked for date of birth specifically neither were the phone numbers enrolled then. Now, with time it is found that Aadhar Card is becoming the most important document for identity proof of any individual. Now, one cannot proof their date of birth if that is not mentioned on Aadhar card as earlier only the year of birth was mentioned in many aadhar enrolments. Thus, what is the way out? Update Aadhar Card can resolve this problem.

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By making necessary update it is possible to have an UID number that is correct and can be used as both address as well as identity proof. However, many people still think that aadhar card correction is a tough process. It may have been earlier but now everything is simple and by following few steps it is possible to correct necessary details.

How to correct aadhar card information?

For making any correction the first thing one should ensure is that their contact number is registered with aadhar. If it is not so then they have to visit any local aadhar enrolment centre and get it done.  If mobile number is enrolled then the whole process becomes simple and one can do it sitting right at their home.

Step – 1: At first visit the portal uidai.gov.in

Step – 2: You will get a button to update aadhar details online. Click there.

Update Aadhaar Details
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Step – 3: You will be directed to a new page where you will submit your 12 digit aadhar number and then click on the Send OTP link.

Step – 4: With the help of the OPT you can login into the system.

Step – 5: After the new page pops up you have to select what kind of correction/update do you need to do? You can change your gender, date of birth or address.

Step – 6: After filling the correct details you have to update supporting documents.

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Step – 7: Finally you will get the acknowledgement slip. Preserve it for any further reference.

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