Telangana Finance Department

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About Telangana Finance Department

The Telangana Finance department will manage the budget finances of Telangana State and it is responsible for the financial transactions of state’s finances and will providing the facility of maintaining of all states account details. It also performs as a advisory department for the other departments of the state including rules of financial and procedures, rules of pension, fundamental rules and principles of sound and prudent finance management application. It is also responsible for the fiscal policy of the Telangana State Administration and constituting PRC Telangana (Pay Revision Commission)

Telangana Finance Department
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Functions of Telangana Finance Department

  • Department of Telangana Finance carries various functions and following are the functions of Telangana Finance Department:
  • Integrated fund of the Telangana State
  • Fiscal Analysis Cell
  • Economy in outlay
  • Insurance policies loans, transferring of shares, receipts, debentures and proxies
  • Public debt of the Telangana State (Also includes debt fron Indian Government)
  • Public Services – Sanctioned rules of the services with which the concerned department and amendment to those rules
  • Expenditure of loans and advances other than the loans and advances giving to Telangana state government employees and Telangana state guarantees
  • Finance of Institutions
  • State Balances
  • Treasury rules
  • Income Tax and Union Tax duties
  • Rules of travelling allowances
  • Telangana State Pensions
  • State bank and stock exchanges

And many more functions are carried by Department of Telangana Finance.

Department of Telangana Finance Organisation Chart:

Telangana Finance
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