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Telangana RB Department

About Telangana RB Department

A reliable transportation service is the fundamental source of a strong nation, as well as transportation service of a country, is dependent on the roads. So, to accelerate the socio-economic growth of a nation, one of the most crucial steps needs to be taken which is the systematic expansion of the Telangana State (TS Roads). There are several modes of transportation systems are available nowadays, among which over 80% of the passenger traffic is carried by the roads only. Villages are connected to different towns through Telangana Roads and Buildings Department. So now people can transport goods quickly from one place to other, and it ensures cultural integrity, higher growth trends, and development of the society. So the quality of the Telangana RB has to be excellent because the efficiency and productivity of a nation entirely depend on it.

TS Roads
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The History of TS Roads

The roads and buildings department, Telangana has been established on the Telangana Formation Day i.e, 2nd June, in the year 2014. The operations have conducted in authority of the Telangana Governor. Telangana’s Cabinet Ministers for Roads & Buildings is responsible to the State Legislature related to the works of this particular Department.

Telangana State Formation Day
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Telangana Roads and Buildings Department Responsibilities

The transportation services provided by Telangana Roads and Buildings Department has several key features. They strive to deliver customer-oriented, affordable, environmentally sustainable and also efficient transportation solution. In this way, R&B Telangana is connecting the cities, villages, different centres of industry, pilgrimage, and tourism across the districts of Telangana. This department also controls and maintains the bridges as well as the roads all across the state.

TS Roads

Telangana roads assets

R&B Telangana comprises a huge road asset in Telangana. State Highways of 3,152 km with the road length of 24,245 km comes under this department. Apart from that, major district roads of 12,079 km and also different other district roads of 9,014 km has included into this too. In Telangana right now total 16 National Highways covers the length of 2,690 km among which 868 km Telangana roads come under NHAI or the National Highways Authority of India. If anyone wants to get the details, they can visit Telangana roads and buildings department website. Ministry of Highways and Shipping, Road Transport, Government of India gives the entire financial support so that the National Highways can develop and maintained properly.

Telangana Roads and Buildings Department
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Telangana Roads vision

  • Their vision is in order to build
  • 2 lane roads as well as 4 lane roads which can connect all District Head Quarters.
  • In order to Reconstruct narrow and weak bridges.
  • In order to Improve Geometrics of Telangana roads and removing black spots.
  • They also work with the Railway Board.

Other responsibilities of Roads and Buildings Department of Telangana

R&B Telangana has different responsibilities too. This particular department constructs and maintains Government Buildings. Their responsibilities not limited to Telangana only. Their work can see in different other states too. Total 54.50 lakh square feet area comes under them among which Residential Buildings grab 41.37 lakhs Sq.fts area and Non-Residential Buildings grab 13.13 lakhs Sq.fts area. They are responsible for the maintenance of the Buildings of State Government and different appurtenant lands.

Important Details of Telangana RB Department

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