Andhra Pradesh Vehicle Registration

Andhra Pradesh Vehicle Registration

About Transport and Vehicle Registration Procedure in the state of Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh Vehicle Registration: The AP Transport Department functions under the Motor Vehicles Act which was introduced in the year 1988. The Transport Department of Andhra Pradesh makes sure that transport laws are maintained in the state as per the norms stated by the Motor Vehicles Taxation Act of 1963 and also according to the 1988 Motor Vehicles Act.

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The AP RTA (Regional Transport Authority) has several crucial functions. It collects fees and taxes, issues driving license to the citizens of Andhra Pradesh, provides registration certificates and makes sure that the Motor Vehicles Act is enforced in the state. Several other significant activities are also conducted by the RTA AP. Some of these activities are pollution check of the state’s vehicles, road safety activities, campaigns to increase awareness among people for maintaining road safety and making sure that all citizens of the state follow the traffic rules dutifully.

All you need to know about Andhra Pradesh Vehicle Registration

If you are looking for temporary registration of your vehicle in Andhra Pradesh, you have to fill a form of application. You need to fill all the details mentioned from number 23 to number 32 in your AP registration form.

How to extend your temporary registration for transport in Andhra Pradesh?

Now it is possible to extend your temporary registration’s validity in Andhra Pradesh. If you apply to AP RTO with the necessary documents, your application for extension will be granted. Here you’ll find the list of the documents you need to provide for expansion of your temporary registration:

How to Register

  • Photocopy of sales certificate in Form 21
  • Insurance Document’s copy
  • Roadworthiness certificate’s photocopy from the person who has manufactured the vehicle
  • Certificate from PUC (Pollution Under Control)
  • In case of Imported Vehicles, Customs Clearance Certificate is required
  • For Trailer or Semi Trailer, STA’s Design Approval document
  • A copy of the Original Sales Certificate
  • Address proof of the candidate
  • The amount to be paid is just Rs15
  • Payment of Tax based on the AP MVT Act

Permanent Registration of AP Transport

For permanent registration, the candidate must submit an application, after delivering the vehicle. It must be submitted within 7 days. These are the documents that AP Road Transport department considers mandatory for permanent Andhra Pradesh Vehicle Registration:

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  • Photocopy of sales certificate in Form 21
  • Road Worthiness Certificate’s photocopy from the person who has manufactured the candidate’s vehicle
  • Certificate from PUC or Pollution Under Control
  • Insurance Document’s copy
  • Proof of address (phone bill, Ration Card copy, Electricity Bill, Aadhaar Card, etc.) of the candidate
  • For Trailer or Semi-Trailer, a copy of design approval certificate from STA
  • Copy of Original Sales Certificate
  • In case of Improved Vehicles, the presence of Customs Clearance Certificate is mandatory
  • The fee for permanent registration is Rs 15
  • Tax payment is abiding by the provisions of the AP MVP Act.

  • AP Transport Official Website:
  • AP Transport, B.C. Welfare & Empowerment, Handlooms and Textiles Minister: Sri Kinjarapu Atchannaidu
  • AP Transport Commissioner: Sri N.Balasubramanyam (IPS)
  • AP Transport Commissioner Office Number: 2572400
  • Know AP Transport Coomissioners Office, DTC, RTO, Unit Offices, MVI Offices, Check posts, and STAT Contact Details visit here:

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