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About Telangana TEP

Telangana TEP stands for “Technology Entrepreneurship Program” is a program of semi – fundamental introduced by ISB (Indian School of Business) in partnership with TASK (Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge) which is the initiative program of IT Telangana the main goal of this program is to motivate and to generate passion in entrepreneurship among engineering students who are perusing third and fourth year.

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Technology Entrepreneurship Program aims to support entrepreneurship by guiding engineering students in creating the technology – authorised services and products along with is aims to improve the communication skills, team working skills, and problem – solving skills and also decision making skills

TEP Primary Core Goals

Technology Entrepreneurship Program has 03 main primary goals at its core:

  • In order to develop the entrepreneurship culture in the region and want to promote technology entrepreneurship as a workable career choice
  • To link innovstive and entrepreneurial behavioral to educational career journeys
  • To create investable technology based start up’s to provide the environments / experience for engineering students

Calender of TEP:

TEP Calender
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Components of TEP

The components of Technology Entrepreneurship Program can be broadly categorised into 03 main areas:
  • Practicum
  • Core Courses
  • Build your own Venture

The above 03 Components of TEP are briefly explained in the below:

Practicum – Through workshop of Human Centric Design Thinking Challenge of Engineering Design, Boot Camps / Mentor Workshops and industry visits of based on Hands – on activity learning

Telangana TEP
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Core Courses – Modules of online cover the topics including Design of service, design of product, innovative entrepreneurship and management

Build your own Venture – In order to build their own venture a series of boot – camps and mentor clinics are conducted to guide students in the 02nd year, along with marketing strategy, negotiations and other management related topics of classroom sessions are conducted to prepare students to be ready with prospective investors for demo day

For more details of Telangana TEP visit TASK official website:

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