MAS to TPTY Trains

MAS to TPTY Trains

About Chennai to Tirupati Trains

There are many trains between Chennai and Tirupati, these two cities connect with a distance of 151 Kilometres. You can travel on a daily basis and weekly basis where trains will be available. Because of efficient rail connectivity travelling from MAS to TPTY Trains is simple and easy.

Trains from Chennai to Tirupati (MAS to TPTY Trains)

Train NumberTrain NameFrom ChennaiDeparture TimeTo TirupatiArrival TimeJourney Time
16057SAPTHAGIRI EXPMAS06:25TPTY09:4003:15H
12164CHENNAI EXPMS06:50RU09:2002:30H
66015MAS TPTY MEMUMAS07:15TPTY11:1504:00H
16003MAS NSL EXPRESSMAS09:10RU11:3002:20H
66047MAS TPTY PASSMAS09:50TPTY13:3003:40H
11042MUMBAI EXPRESSMAS12:20RU14:5002:30H
07323HUBBALLI EXPMS13:30RU17:4504:15H
16053TIRUPATHI EXPMAS14:15TPTY17:5003:35H
11074CHENNAI LTT EXPMAS15:15RU17:5502:40H
01064MAS CSTM AC EXPMAS15:15RU17:5502:40H
16203TIRUPATHI EXPMAS16:35TPTY20:1003:35H
17651KACHEGUDA EXPMS17:00RU20:0003:00H
19419MAS ADI EXPRESSMAS20:00RU22:3002:30H
06051MAS ADI EXPMAS20:00RU22:3002:30H
22919MAS ADI HUMSAFARMAS20:10RU22:3002:20H
11018KIK LTT EXPRESSMS22:00RU01:2503:25H
11028MUMBAI MAILMAS23:55RU02:3502:40H

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Chennai (MAS) to Tirupati (TPTY) Trains Fare Details

  • For 3A (Third AC) the fare of Chennai (MAS) to Tirupati (TPTY) Trains is about Rs. 495  to Rs. 540
  • 2A (Second AC) the fare of Chennai (MAS) to Tirupati (TPTY) Trains is about Rs. 700 to Rs. 745
  • For 1A (Second AC) the fare of Chennai (MAS) to Tirupati (TPTY) Trains is about Rs. 1245
  • SL (Sleeper Class) the fare of Chennai (MAS) to Tirupati (TPTY) trains is about 140
  • For more details regarding Chennai (MAS) to Tirupati (TPTY) Trains Fare information and IRCTC Tickets discount offers Visit:


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