AP BPS Scheme

Building Penalisation Scheme

About AP BPS Scheme

AP BPS Scheme stands for “Building Penalisation Scheme” which has introduced by Andhra Pradesh state government in 2015. This scheme is for penalizing the buildings that constructed illegally and also by the unauthorised manner in the state. The primary objective of this scheme is penalising all such buildings the construction of which is not authorised or if the buildings have constructed without any sanctioned plan. The flat owners of such flats, however, will given a chance by the government to regularise this type of anomalies. In the case of a big building above 18 meters in height, this principle should applied.

Image Source: bps.ap.gov.in

Despite sincere attempts made by the government, unjust builders are not maintaining this law. The Building Penalisation Scheme will effectively treat such corruptions to protect the business of construction. It is high time that people come forward and get their flats registered and live legally. It is mandatory for every flat owner to own the NOC provided by the Airports Authority and the Fire Department of India, if he has a tall building. The irresponsible owners of apartments have to deal with BPS.

Advantages of AP BPS Scheme

Building Penalisation Scheme of Andhra Pradesh has some some advantages of the following:

  • The constructed building will get formal orders of regulation
  • This scheme will remove the uncertainty and clearance threat
  • The applicants will get the certificate of occupancy which is important as per municipal law and order.

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