Delhi to Mumbai Trains

Delhi to Mumbai Trains

About Delhi to Mumbai Trains

There are many trains in between Delhi and Mumbai , these two cities connects with a distance of 1384 Kilometres. You can travel on daily basis where 05 trains are available and you can travel on weekly basis where 10 trains will be available. Because of efficient rail connectivity travelling from Delhi to Mumbai is simple and easy.

Delhi to Mumbai
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Trains from Delhi to Mumbai

Train NumberTrain NameFrom DelhiArrival TimeTo MumbaiDeparture TimeJourney Time
12172HW LTT AC SFNZM00:10LTT23:4523:35H
12138PUNJAB MAILNDLS05:15CSTM07:3526:20H
12450GOA SMPRK K EXPNDLS06:15PNVL04:5522:40H
12904GOLDN TEMPLE MLNZM07:20MMCT05:2022:00H
12618MNGLA LKSDP EXPNZM09:15PNVL09:2524:10H
12215DEE BDTS G RATHDEE09:20BDTS08:1022:50H
22452CDG BDTS SF EXPDEC10:02BDTS09:2023:18H
22656NZM TVC SF EXPNZM10:05PNVL08:0522:00H
22654NZM TVC SF EXPNZM10:05PNVL08:0522:00H
09022JAT BDTS AC SPLNDLS10:30BDTS10:2023:50H
12264PUNE DURONTO EXPNZM10:55BSR03:5517:00H
22414NZM MAO RAJNZM10:55PNVL04:2517:30H
19024FZR MMCT JANTANDLS13:30MMCT19:3530:05H
12218KERLA S KRANTINDLS13:40PNVL12:1022:30H
22660DDN KCVL SUP EXPNZM13:55PNVL12:1022:15H
09006NDLS MMCT SF SPLNDLS14:50MMCT06:5516:05H
12910BDTS GARIB RATHNZM15:35BDTS08:1016:35H
12248NZM BDTS YUVANZM15:35BDTS09:2017:45H
22110NZM LTT AC EXPNZM15:45LTT11:4520:00H
09004NZM BDTS RAJ SPLNZM16:15BDTS06:1013:55H
22950DEE BDTS SF EXPDEE16:20BDTS16:4524:25H
12954AG KRANTI RJDHNNZM16:50MMCT09:4516:55H
02172JAT CSMT AC SPLDSJ17:35CSMT20:2526:50H
11058ASR CSTM EXPNDLS20:45CSTM04:0531:20H
12284NZM ERS DURONTONZM21:35PNVL17:5520:20H
12494NZM PUNE AC SFNZM21:35KYN17:4720:12H
12908MHRST SMPRK K EXNZM21:35BDTS16:3519:00H
04418NZM PUNE AC SPLNZM21:35KYN17:4720:12H
19020DEHRADUN EXPNZM21:50BDTS04:2030:30H
22210MMCT DURONTONDLS23:25MMCT16:1516:50H
22634NZM TVC SF EXPNZM23:35PNVL23:2523:50H
22918HW BDTS SF EXPNZM23:35BDTS22:0022:25H

Delhi (NDLS) to Mumbai (BCT) Trains Fare  Details

  • For 3A (Third AC) the fare of Delhi (NDLS) to Mumbai (BCT) Trains is about Rs. 1490  to Rs. 2070
  • For 2A (Second AC) the fare of Delhi (NDLS) to Mumbai (BCT) Trains is about Rs. 2200 to Rs. 2850
  • For 1A (Second AC) the fare of Delhi (NDLS) to Mumbai (BCT) Trains is about Rs. 3775 to Rs. 4735
  • For SL (Sleeper Class) the fare of Delhi (NDLS) to Mumbai (BCT) trains is about 545 to Rs. 810
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