Goa Railway Station

goa railway station

About Goa Railway Station

Goa Railway Station is also known as “Madgaon Junction Railway Station” and the station code is “MAO”. The Goa Railway Station will takes care of all the travelling passengers with all amenities. It is operated by Konkan railways of Indian Railways which consists of 04 platforms with 08 tracks.

goa station
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Major Routes of Goa Station

The Goa railway station is connected with different cities and among them some routes includes Chennai Central, Hazrat Nizamuddin and New Delhi.

  • From Hazrat Nizamuddin to Goa weekly 03 trains will travel
  • New Delhi to Goa weekly 12 trains will travel
  • From Chennai Central to Goa weekly 02 trains will travel
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Trains from Madgaon Junction Railway Station

Train Name with Train Number Passing Via MadgaonArrival TimeDeparture Time
Mao Hapa Special (09533)Starts10:40
Pnbe St Premium (09056)16:3000:00
Ltt Mao Special (00113)05:00Ends
Mao Ltt Special (00114)Starts01:00
Ltt Mao Ac Special (01229)14:25Ends
Mao Ltt Ac Special (01230)Starts15:00
Newdelhi Ac Express (04095)07:3507:45
Ten Ltt Express (01068)12:4512:55
Mao Mas Special (06002)Starts13:15
Velankanni Express (07315)15:0015:02
Vlnk Vsg Express (07316)01:3001:35
Mao Ganpati Special (01045)14:10Ends
Ltt Ganpati Special (01046)Starts14:40
Cstm Mao Special (01033)14:10Ends
Ltt Mao Ac Special (02113)12:00Ends
Ljn Ltt Ac Special (02114)00:0017:10
Nzm Pune Premiu (04014)10:5011:15
Madgaon Express (02636)22:15Ends
Adi Majn Superfast Special (09420)13:0013:10
Ypr Vsg Superfast Express (02683)11:5512:00
Vsg Ypr Express (02684)15:1515:20
Ahmedabad Express (09419)03:2003:30
Ltt Ten Special (01067)01:4501:55
Cstm Ers Special (01065)01:4501:55
Ers Ltt Express (01066)12:4512:55
Cstm Ganpati Special (01034)Starts14:40
Vsg Vlnk Express (07323)13:0013:25
Vlnk Vsg Express (07324)20:3020:40
Vsg Sbc Link Express (02779)15:4515:50
Ubl Vsg Link Express (06948)05:4005:45
Goa Express (12779)15:4515:50
Mas Vasco Express (17311)11:5512:00
Mandovi Express (10103)18:50Ends
Konkan Kanya Express (10111)10:45Ends
Mandovi Express (10104)Starts09:15
Bikaner Ac Express (22476)03:5004:00
Vsg Ypr Express (06578)23:2023:25
Vsg Vlnk Express (07325)08:3008:40
Vlnk Vsg Express (07326)20:3020:40
Goa Sampark K Express (12450)14:15Ends
Matsyaganda Express (12620)20:3020:40
Matsyagandha Express (12619)01:2501:35
Maq Intercity E (22635)Starts16:15
Trivndrm Rajdhani (12432)12:3212:42
Porbandar Express (19261)03:5004:00
Madgaon Ers Express (10215)Starts21:30
Madgaon Express (10216)03:15Ends
Rajdhani Express (12431)10:0010:10
Goa Sampark K Express (12449)Starts11:20
Hapa Madgaon Express (22908)04:30Ends
Mao Hapa Superfast Express (22907)Starts10:40
Bkn Cbe Ac S F (22475)13:1013:20
Dadar Ten Express (22629)06:2006:30
Madgaon Express (22636)14:00Ends
Ltt Kcvl Express (22113)02:1502:25
Pune Ers Superfast Express (22150)05:4505:55
Mangalore Express (12133)07:0007:10
Veraval Express (16334)11:2011:30
Mngla Lksdp Express (12618)19:1019:20
Gandhidham Express (16336)11:2011:30
Ypr Vasco Express (17309)05:1505:20
Vlnk Vsg Express (17316)05:1505:20
Vsg Howrah Express (18048)07:4507:50
Okha Express (16338)11:2011:30
Ten Dr Express (22630)03:5004:00
Kerla S Kranti (12218)20:5521:05
Nzm Tvc Superfast Express (22634)08:5509:05
Kcvl Bvc Express (19259)11:2011:30
Kochuveli Express (19262)22:1022:20
Maru Sagar Express (12977)11:1011:20
Vsg Chennai Express (17312)15:1515:20
Ltt Garib Rath (12202)01:2001:30
Hapa Express (19577)03:5004:00
Poorna Express (11098)13:4014:25
Kcvl Garib Rath (12201)02:1502:25
Mumbai Express (12134)18:4018:50
Ers Pune Express (22149)17:1017:20
Mangala Ldweep (12617)03:0003:10
Bikaner Express (16312)11:2011:30
Ypr Biweekly Express (17310)21:2021:25
Bvc Kcvl Express (19260)07:3007:40
Velankanni Express (17315)09:3009:35
Kcvl Ltt Superfast Express (22114)17:1017:20
Vrl Tvc Express (16333)07:3007:40
Ddn Kcvl Superfast Express (12288)22:1022:20
Sampark Kranthi (12217)01:2001:30
Amritsar Express (12483)01:2001:30
Amaravathi Express (18047)13:5514:00
Hapa Ten Express (19578)23:3523:45
Nizamuddin Express (22633)08:1508:25
Poorna Express (11097)13:0013:15
Bkn Kcvl Express (16311)07:3007:40
Okha Ers Express (16337)07:3007:40
Vsg Patna Express (12741)19:4020:00
Nagercoil Express (16335)07:3007:40
Maru Sagar Express (12978)13:1013:20
Pnbe Vsg Express (12742)08:0008:20
Mao Ltt Special (00112)Starts12:30
Ltt Mao Special (00111)12:20Ends
Netravati Express (16345)23:0023:10
Asr Kcvl Express (12484)22:1022:20
Kcg Ypr Express (17603)13:5514:00
Konkan Kanya Express (10112)Starts18:00
Netravathi Express (16346)04:5505:05
Mao Doubledeckr (11085)17:50Ends
Ltt Doubledecker (11086)Starts05:30
Goa Express (12780)05:4005:45
Nzm Rajdhani (22413)Starts11:00
Nzm Mao Raj (22414)14:20Ends
Nizamuddin Express (22653)18:2518:35
Nzm Tvc Superfast Express (22654)21:0021:10
Tvc Nzm Express (22655)18:2518:35
Nzm Tvc Superfast Express (22656)21:0021:10
Dehradun Express (22659)02:1002:20
Ddn Kcvl Superfast Express (22660)22:2522:35

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