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In case you are having a health issue or you are concern about something but you are not sure if you should go to the doctor, do not go on the internet and look for your symptoms! Instead, contact Telehealth Ontario, where you will get advice from a healthcare professional. Get to know the Telehealth Nursing, Telehealth Number Ontario from here.

What is Telehealth Ontario?ontario telehealth

Telehealth Ontario service lets you contact a registered nurse to get information or ask questions about your health. This service is provided by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and it is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This way you will be able to solve your concerns at any moment you may need it. Also, using Telehealth is completely free.

What kind of assistance will I get from Telehealth Ontario?

Once you call, one of the registered nurses will listen to the questions or concerns you may have and will provide you with all the information you need. Once you tell them everything, they will give you advice about what you should do next.ontario telehealth

They will tell you if you can handle and solve the problem yourself, without the help of a professional; if you should go to a hospital or clinic; if you should visit your doctor; or if you should contact another service.

When you call, you may be asked to provide your health card number, but you are not obligated to provide it. Be ready to answer specific questions about your medical history or drugs you are taking, because the nurse won’t know anything about your medical record and she will need that kind of information to help you.

What kind of assistance I WON’T get from Telehealth Ontario?

Although Ontario’s health line was created to give information you may need and answer your questions, using the service DOES NOT substitute your medical consultations.

Nurses will not give you a diagnosis of an illness and they won’t give you medicine to treat any problem. They will just simply help you decide what you should next when you are having an inconvenient and if you should see your doctor.

Also, this service is not meant to be used when you have an emergency. If you need immediate assistance or an ambulance, always call 911.

Where do I call and who is the service available for?

To use the service of Telehealth, call 1-866-797-0000. For TYT users, the number is 1-866-797-0007. The service is provided in English and French, and if you speak another language, nurses have translation support for users that do not speak English or French.

The service is confidential, so no one will know that you called, and it is completely free for all users. Telehealth is only available over the phone, so you won’t be able to contact them by email.

Ontario Telehealth Website:

Telehealth Ontario Toll-Free Number:1-866-532-3161

Ontario Telehealth TTY Number: 416-327-4282

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