Getting an Ontario’s Driver’s Abstract

Drivers Abstract Ontario

There are different reasons why you could require to get an Ontario Driver’s Abstract, so it is important that you know everything about it before you are in that situation. Find out how to get it and also information about it below.

What is an Ontario Driver’s Abstract?

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An Ontario Driver’s Abstract is a record of your driving history. As it mentioned above, there are many reasons why you may need a driver’s abstract. But It could personal, employment or insurance purposes, like for a court case or for applying to drive outside Canada.

There are many types of driving records and they can order at Service Ontario.

What types of Ontario Driver’s Abstract exist?

The following are the types of Ontario Driver’s Abstracts you can get at Service Ontario:

  • 3-year uncertified or certified driver’s record, which could be required by an employer that will need you to drive for the company.
  • Driver’s licence history, which could require to confirm the address of a driver in court.

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  • 5-year uncertified driver’s record, which could required by an insurance company to see if you have long-term driving experience.
  • 5-year certified driver’s record, which could required in case you are applying to drive outside Ontario.
  • Extended driver’s record search, which could used as a supportive document in court.
  • Complete driver’s record, which could required by an insurance company.
  • Accident report, which could used as evidence in court, in case you are there because of an injury you suffered from an accident.
  • Driver’s licence check, which can used if you want to check that your Ontario Drivers licence is valid.
  • Driver confirmation letter, which could required in case you are applying to drive outside Ontario.

How can I order a Driver’s Licence History?

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A Driver’s Licence History shows that the Ontario Driver Educational Course completed by you. And can request by an insurance company and also the only people who can order it are the driver, a Canadian law-enforcement agency or by court order. Get the Ontario Drive Clean Test done form from authority

You can order an uncertified or certified version. They contain the same information, but the certified version has the official seal of Ministry of Transportation stamped into paper.

The uncertified version can requested online, it costs $12 and also it will mailed to you within approximately 10 to 15 business days.

The certified version can requested online, by mail, or at a Ontario Service centre. This version costs $18 and it will mailed to you in 4 to 6 weeks from the date you requested it.

What about the other driver’s record types?

To request the other driver’s record types, visit the website of Service Ontario.

Ontario’s Drivers Record Website:

Contact Number: 416-235-4009

Address Details:

Ministry of the Transportation,
Licensing Administration and Support Office,
Data Access Unit,
87 -Sir William Hearst Avenue,
Room No: 158-D,
Toronto, ON – M3M 0B4