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Ontario College of Trades

Have you ever heard of the Ontario College of Trades and Apprenticeship Act? Do you have any idea of what is the Ontario College of Trade? Do you know what do they regulate? All of these are related to the skilled trades system of Ontario, which is very important for its economy. If you belong to this field or you interested in the topic, find more information about it below. The Headquarters is located in Toronto, Canada. Get more about Ontario Colleges of Trades from here.

What is the Ontario College of Trade and Apprenticeship Act?

The Ontario College of Trades and Apprenticeship Act or OCTAA, from 2009, is a piece of legislation that nowadays regulates the skilled trades field in Ontario. This Act replaces two previous pieces of legislation, which were the Apprenticeship and Certification Act (ACA) and the Trades Qualification and Apprenticeship Act (TQAA). In 2013, these two were repealed, along with the regulations under them.ontario college of trades and apprenticeship

This act has the objective of modernizing the apprenticeship and skilled trades system of Ontario.

What does the Ontario Colleges of Trades and Apprenticeship Act cover?

The OCTAA includes regulations about the prohibitions in the skilled trades system, the Ontario Colleges of Trades, registration, complaints committee, discipline committee and fitness to practise committee, reinstatement and variation, appeals to court, registrar’s powers of investigation and inspection, administrative penalties, ratios, confidentiality, appointments council and classification roster and scopes of practice and compulsory and voluntary trades.

It also regulates apprenticeship and includes other miscellaneous regulations and by-laws.

To read the whole act and check each section carefully, go to the official website of Ontario. You can see the full legislation here: www.ontario.ca/laws/statute/09o22.

What is the College of Trade?

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One of the most important aspects of the Ontario College of Trade and Apprenticeship Act was the establishment of the Ontario College of Trades.

Opposite to what many may think, the College of Trades is not a training institution, but a regulatory body. Its responsibility is “regulating individuals in the trades and those who employ them”.

The College of Trades gives visibility to the field by protecting the public interest and making sure that the voices of its members heard. They set out policies and procedures for the trades and establish the scope of practice. Its functioning is similar to the one of the College of Teachers, for example, as it is also a regulatory college.

The College is in charge of making research to establish training priorities and set certification and training standards to serve the field and protect the public interest. Through this, the trade sector will have the kind of workers that it needs in the future and the access for workers trained internationally to get certified will increase.

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