Seneca College Domestic Students Course and Fee Details

seneca domestic student fee and courses

Seneca College Domestic Students Course and Fees

Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology or Seneca College is a multiple campus public college placed in Greater Toronto area of the Ontario Province which is Located in Canada. The college is offering the full time programs as well as part time programs at the baccalaureate, certificate, graduate and diploma level programs. Here you can get Seneca college Domestic student Fee and course information.

The Seneca college has 4 main campuses with a total of 10 campuses in Greater Toronto, Peterborough in Canada. For every college has their own specialties.

Seneca College Courses for Domestic Students

The Seneca college offers many programs for the Domestic students like 140+ full time courses & 135 part time programs, 14 bachelor programs and 25+ graduate certificate programs. Here is the list of Seneca College Course details for Canada Native students.

Seneca College, Canada – Programs for Domestic and International Students

Seneca Domestic student Fee Details

The schedule of the Fee details are for Canada citizens, those which has permanent residence in Canada, International students, Visa Category and Diplomatic students are comes under this category.

The Seneca College Tuition Fee for the Canada citizens for their full time course is $7760.00 per every academic year which includes the 2 semesters.

Fees Per Semester
Seneca Student Federation$56.50
Student Athletic Association$50.60
Student Life$5.00
Student Bursary Levy$3.00
SSF Build Fund$50.00
Student Support$30.00
Student Sport Build$50.00
Technology Fee$120.00
Health & Wellness$5.00
Fees Per Module
Seneca Student Federation$28.25
Student Athletic Association$25.30
Student Life$2.50
Student Bursary Levy$1.50
SSF Build Fund$25.00
Student Support$15.00
Student Sport Build$25.00
Technology Fee$60.00
Health & Wellness$2.50

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Seneca College Contact Number: 416.491.5050 ext. 22840

Seneca College Counselling Contact Number: 416.491.5050 ext. 22900

Seneca College Health centre: 416.491.5050 ext. 22965

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Seneca College International Contact Number: 416.491.5050 ext. 22368