Know and Understand the Important Information about UP Forest

UP Forest

Know and understand the important information about UP Forest

Uttar Pradesh is such an Indian state which is rich in natural forest and trees. UP forest is very diverse in nature for various reasons. First of all, the land area of UP is huge and around 7% of the total land area known to be jungle or forest.

Uttar Pradesh
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This state is in abundance with various natural attractions having a great religious and cultural heritage. The forest of this state has great potential for the development of a cultural heritage and Ecotourism. This state has 24 wildlife sanctuaries as well as 1 national park.

More on UP Forest

  • There some huge area that protected for the conservation. The forests are full of various water bodies, small water streams, and different kinds of trees, animals and birds. The forest of UP is maintained and controlled by UP forest department, India. Various preventive and protective measures drafted for the welfare of wildlife on UP forests.
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  • Deforestation has been a constant headache for the UP forest corporation since the last decade. Thieves have been cutting trees for their own benefits and it has been certainly affecting the lives of wildlife dependent on the forest.
  • The UP forest has different kinds of animals to start off, including its national animal, Swamp Deer and national bird, Sarus Crane of the state. On the other hand, Ashoka tree is the national state bird of UP. That apart, various other trees are also prevalent in a forest such as Palash. UP forest department controls all the forest in the most effective way.
  • UP is rich in flora and fauna. Different species of trees, reptiles, mammals as well as insects found in the jungle. Moreover, some of the most amazing medicinal plants are available in the forest of UP. The grassland and Terai-Duar savanna are there to support the cattle.
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  • There are moist deciduous trees that basically grow in the upper Gangetic plain. The tropical deciduous trees generally found in most of the parts of UP. The forests are also abundant in grasses and shrubs. Tropical thorny forests are also there. Babool has known to be the main tree of this forest.

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