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UP Police Recruitment Board

UP Police Recruitment

Uttar Pradesh Police is known to be the largest and biggest police force in the world. It is because UP being a very big state requires an extremely large police force for the obvious reason. The whole state has basically divided into 8 different police regions for the convenience of maintaining law and order. There is always a huge demand in the UP Police force. As a result, UP Police Recruitment has known as a very rigorous and tough process to crack the final stage. A lot of candidates participate in the recruitment process and a portion of them get selected for the obvious reasons.

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UP Police Recruitment and Promotion Board are there to organize the UP Police recruitment if there are requirements. The board has completely known as committed to being a good leader in the recruitment process through objective and impartial methodology. Moreover, they lean on adopting the transparent process and put efforts on the continuous evolution, innovative technological applications, and growth.


The main mission of UP Police Recruitment is basically focused on offering the services that are suitable to the requirements of the police force to meet the tough challenges of the state.

UP Police Recruitment
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Founding Principles

There are various founding principles of UP Police Recruitment process.

  • Adopting and implementing procedures that are transparent, impartial, fair, non-discriminatory and non-discretionary.
  • Including a healthy work culture of conscientious, truthfulness, responsibility, professionalism, accountability, respect and mutual trust among all who are to work together in a system with maintaining core values of the organization.
  • Achieving the intended goals as well as striving to shine as a team within the organization along with other agencies and bodies if necessary.
  • Using the collective abilities, skills and diverse experiences in the human resource management in the most effective way possible.
  • Lifting the core values and ethics of the individuals as well as teams.

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