Upneda – A Beneficial Step To reduce The Energy Resources



Upneda: Agriculture is the main source of employment in India. It takes almost 70% of people in the profession of farming. Farming is not only the profession but also the main source of food for the country. Uttar Pradesh is the largest yielding state in India. So, department of agriculture is always concern about the agricultural process.

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Upneda help

Agriculture can be improved by development processes. It includes lowering production cost, certified seed price reduction, advanced yielding process, selling crops at good price etc. Apart from agricultural development, there are few things which can reduce the input cost as well as saves natural resources. So, it can be beneficial if is properly implemented.

Renewable energy

Energy resources is an important factor for the agriculture. When you need irrigation and water supply for your field of crop, you need electricity for the tube well and shallow pipeline for deep water supply from the ground. Now the motorised system is not applicable if there is no supply of electricity. Previously the system was running on the electricity supplied from the grid of thermal power energy.

Upneda tender
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Thanks to the government, renewable energy resources are coming into force for the irrigation process. Under Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE 2018) scheme solar panels are distributing in the states by upneda tender for the machine operated tube well.The solar system is implanted in the field to provide sufficient energy for the irrigation and supplying water.


The main benefit of the system is the energy source is it does not require running cost as because it run uninterruptedly for a long time taking energy from sunlight and that cutting down the energy cost to the farmers. Apart from that, it saves the non-renewable resource for spending in the cropping process. A farmer can produce their own electricity with the help of the government.

Department of Agriculture took necessary steps to force the system in every part of the state as soon as possible. You must enlist your name by registering your details in the official portal

Important Details of Uttar Pradesh New & Renewable Energy Development Agency