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About NSSO

The National Sample Survey Office is accountable for conducting sample surveys in large scales. These are All India based sample surveys that they have done in several fields. There is a Director General who is the head of NSSO which is a part of MOSPI (Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation).

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NSSO Surveys

They conduct household surveys nation-wide on several socio-economic subjects. Apart from NSSO sample surveys, National Sample Survey Organisation also gathers data on rural and urban prices. When it comes to the betterment of crop statistics, National Sample Survey Organisation has a vital role to play through its supervision of a particular area and its surveys on crop estimation. It also handles an urban area frame. They use it when they do sample surveys about urban areas.

Divisions of NSSO

These are the four divisions of the National Sample Survey Organisation:

  1. SDRD (Survey Design and Research Division)
  2. FOD (Field Operations Division)
  3. DPD (Data Processing Division)
  4. CPD (Coordination and Publication Division)

The above National Sample Survey Organisation Division can be explained briefly in the below:

  1. Survey Design and Research Division or SDRD is accountable for planning surveys technically, sampling designs, analysing and presenting survey results.
  2. DPD or Data Processing Division selects samples and processes the data. They collect these data during surveys.
  3. FOD or Fields Operations Division collects the primary data that NSSO uses for conducting survey operations.
  4. Co-ordination and Publication Division of NSSO or CPD is at New Delhi. It coordinates activities that other departments take part in.
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The NSSO Sanctioned Strength of Officers and Staff

In National Sample Survey Organisation the officers and staff are come under the division of SDRD (Survey Design and Research Division), FOD (Fields Operations Division), DPD (Data Processing Division), CPD (Co-ordination and Publication Division) consists of ISS officers (Indian Statistical Service) and other officers and staff.

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Functions of NSSO

The following are the functions of National Sample Survey Organisation:

  • The surveys are mainly of 04 types, they are:
  1. Enterprise Surveys
  2. Land and Livestock Holdings
  3. Household Surveys
  4. Village Facilities
  • The National Sample Survey Organisation has been conducting sample surveys of multi integrated since 1950
  • The cycle of the surveys is almost 10 years

For more details of NSSO (National Sample Survey Organisation) download the PDF here: National Sample Survey Organisation

Important Details of NSSO