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If you are a resident of British Columbia and you need income or disability assistance, there is a place where you may be able to get it. This website is called My Self Serve, which is only for the Canada people. Learn everything about it below.

What is My Self Serve?

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My Self Serve (MySS) is a website that provides online and secure access to your income and disability information 24/7 in case you are a resident of British Columbia. It also gives you the option of applying for assistance, in case you don’t have it yet.

How do I apply for assistance on My Self Serve?

Before applying for assistance you must register on its website, Once you are there, go to “create an account” and select the option with the name depending on whether you are applying yourself or with help. Then, introduce the personal information that required, including your Social Insurance Number (SIN).

After that, indicates if you are applying or reapplying, and select “open case” and answer the questions in case you have one. Before submitting the registration, including the information of your spouse if you are applying with him or her.

Once you click on the link that you will receive on your email, follow the instructions that will give to you by the website of My Self Serve BC. Once you finish, they will let you know when your registration completed, which could take between two to three business days.
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When you are registered, go to Myss’s website and sign in. Then select the Service Request page in the menu on the left of the screen. After that, select “Create Service Request” and select “Application for Assistance”. Choose yourself as the applicant there.

Then you will have to complete your application by uploading identification and requested documents and filling the information required. You can also give them the documents required by fax, mail or in person. Once you are done, sign it with your 4-digit PIN.

On their website, you can make surveys that will estimate your eligibility for assistance. It is very quick and will only ask for your basic information like your relationship status, monthly income or if you have children. The website will tell you the estimated amount of money you will receive when you submit the information.

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Contact Number of MySelfServe: 1-866-866-0800

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