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If you live in British Columbia, the provincial health insurance called Medical Service Plan. It is important that you informed about it in case you need it. Below you will find information about the benefits of BC Medical Service Plan.

What benefits will I get from Medical Service Plan (MSP)?

Before enrolling in Medical Services Plan you should know what services covered and what services are not.

MSP covers required medical services, which include services that are medically necessary and are provided by midwives and physicians, eye examinations, orthodontic services and dental and oral surgery performed in a hospital. Additionally, MSP pays for diagnostic services including x-rays and some laboratory services in Canada.

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MSP may also cover supplementary benefits that are provided by other health care practitioners, like massage therapy, non-surgical podiatry, naturopathy, acupuncture or chiropractic. In this case, you will need to have premium assistance status or they want to cover. Get process on How to Apply for Medical Services Plan for the Canadian residents and apply to get the Health Coverage.

In case you want to check the complete list of services covered by MSP, go to its website There you will find information about all the medical benefits, supplementary health care benefits and laboratory service benefits.

What benefits I won’t get from Medical Service Plan?

Although Medical Service Plan helps you pay the most important parts of health care services, there are some services that you will have to pay if you want to get them.BC medical service plan

These services include those that not medically required, like cosmetic surgery; dental services that not outlined under benefits; routine eye examinations for people between 19 and 64; prescription drugs; equipment or appliances like eyeglasses or hearing aids; services of counselors or psychologists; preventive services that not supported by evidence of medical effectiveness, like prostate-specific antigen (PSA) tests; and medical examinations, tests or certificates required for things like employment or life insurance.

What if I cannot pay some of the services that not covered?

Take into consideration that if you need services that not covered by MSP, there are other aid programs available in B.C. that could help you pay for them.

BC Medical Service Plan Website:

Contact Number of BC Health Insurance: +1 604-488-0600