Finding BC Road Conditions and Reports

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BC Road Conditions

If you live in British Columbia, you can find useful information about routes online, like closed highways or constructions that are being made. Find more information about BC Road Conditions and Reports and Drive BC Road Closures here.

Where do I find information about BC Road Conditions and Reports?

When you go to the official website of British Columbia and go to the “Routes & Driving Conditions” section, you will see a list of all the things you can check there. Most of the links will take to a website called DriveBC, where all the information about roads in British Columbia compiled, including maps, major events, border delays, BC highway webcams, conditions, and events, etc.

How do I find BC Road Conditions?

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To find BC Road Conditions go to the bar of DriveBC and click on “Conditions and Events” and a chart with different items will appear.

There you can check all the events that are happening at the moment in the whole province or you can select specific ones, depending on what you are interested in.

If you want to consult only specific things, mark the categories above the chart. You can select the event type (road condition, incident, current planned event, and future planned event) or how you want to see the events (all of them, major events, by area, by route, by inland ferry).

Drive BC Road Closures gives you the option of printing the chart if you need. In Canada, you can find the latest updates on Road conditions and reports to you.

How do I make a BC Road Report?BC Road conditions report

Besides the mentioned above, you can make a BC Road Report on their website.

Go to “Report a Highway Problem” and you will have to provide certain information. There you can report non-emergency problems for provincial highways. Other issues that include a wildfire, a chemical spill or a downed power line.

If you report a non-emergency problem for a provincial highway, you will have to identify the kind of problem. You will have to select the area where the inconvenient is located. After that, you will get a number to contact an authority and explain everything.

BC Road Conditions Website:

Contact Number of BC Road Conditions: 1 800 550-4997