Abkari Vibhag UP – Excise Department of UP

Abkari Vibhag UP - यूपी आबकारी विभाग

Help the Government of Uttar Pradesh by knowing UP Excise – Abkari Vibhag UP

Liquor is a need in every country. In India liquor is sold out in huge quantities every day. But the selling of these goods is not so easy. The common people buy the liquor and are done with it, but the selling of liquor in the country needs to be licensed or it is illegal to sell liquor which is a serious criminal offense. The abkari vibhag UP (Uttar Pradesh)takes care of the procedures that take place if you want to start your own liquor business. They too take care of the illegal proceedings that take place associated with liquor and help in taking out these criminals who take part in these illegal things.

UP Excise
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UP Excise

Excise is levied upon certain goods and liquor is one of them. UP excise helps keep a balance between the illegal selling of stuff that require special license to sell for example liquor. If you are selling liquor without a license, then you are doing an offensive crime that could result in serious jeopardy. Thus, it is plausible to buy liquor from licensed stores across the state.

The abkari vibhag up makes sure that the criminals who are associated with illegal selling of liquor, drugs or narcotics are caught and they serve their sentence. However, it is not always possible for the officers to keep track of everything. This is where the common citizens come in. Asa responsible citizen it is important that is they find any illegal activity that is taking place they should immediately report it.

UP Excise Department
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Some of them are as follows:

  • They help in promoting the development of alcohol or molasses based industries.
  • Preventing the illicit and illegal sale of alcohols, narcotics or intoxicant are they help in.
  • They also help in preventing the crimes that caused against alcohols, narcotics, and intoxicants.
Excise Department of UP
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  • They help in the legitimate sale of alcohols, narcotics, and intoxicants.
  • They help in earning maximum revenue with the legitimate, legal and controlled sale of alcohols, intoxicants, and narcotics for the development and welfare of the state of Uttar Pradesh.

UP excise lottery help in regulating the use of liquor in the state and promote healthy usage of liquor and narcotics. Although these things should be sold legally, liquor, narcotics or intoxicants if taken in large amounts will harmful for the mind and body.

Get the details of UP Excise lottery here: http://upexciseelottery.gov.in

UP Excise Tenders

Excise department of Uttar Pradesh providing the tenders for the contractors, the interested can submit the tenders when the notification is issued. View the active tenders in the official portal of UP Excise here: http://upexcise.in/NewForm/Tenders.aspx

Janhit Guarantee Adhiniyam

Download the letters, forms/reports and services of the Janhit Guarantee Adhiniyam of Uttar Pradesh here: http://upexcise.in/NewForm/frmJanhitGuaranteeAdhiniyam.aspx

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